Ian Karamanov by May 1, 2019

Killing Bitcoin Will Backfire Against the Governments

Killing bitcoin will definitely not have the result most governments would want. The more corrupt and dysfunctional a monetary policy is, the more

Ian Karamanov by Apr 30, 2019

Crypto Credit Card: Another Interesting Promise by McAfee

In the last few years, many banks slowly but surely began offering services related to crypto. A crypto credit card however, was not promised by

Ian Karamanov by Apr 25, 2019

Samsung Coin Developed in Secret: South Korean Regulations

Regulations can be an obstacle even for global mega corporations. If the rumors that a Samsung Coin is being developed turn out to be true, the

Ian Karamanov by Apr 23, 2019

Auscoin Crypto ATMs Turned Out to be a Front For Drug Traffic

Crypto ATMs will without a doubt be a very common thing in the near future. Auscoin and its crypto ATMs however, turned out to be a front for drug traffic

Ian Karamanov by Apr 17, 2019

Crypto Game of Thrones: Simple Explanation of Who is What

Cryptocurrencies are the hit TV series Game of Thrones are both redefining in their respective spheres. A Crypto Game of Thrones, can be used to explain

Ian Karamanov by Apr 15, 2019

Robotics to Help Replace Amazon Workers: Bezos’ Insolence

There is something very wrong when one of the world’s richest men lies to his own workers while actively planning to use robotics to replace them.