Avatar by Feb 4, 2019

Iran has officially launched their gold-backed Digital Currency – the Peyman

Iran has officially launched their own Gold-backed Cryptocurrency. Four banks have cooperated with the Ghoghnoos Company and they came up with the Cryptocurrency now known as Peyman. Peyman is the Persian…

Avatar by Feb 1, 2019

Apple’s iPhone is losing popularity and market share in Asia

A lot of investors were right on their money to predict that the company wouldn’t have the same success in China and Asia, as it did in Europe and North America. What investors didn’t predict however, was exactly how unsuccessful the iphone would…

Avatar by Jan 31, 2019

Tesla is attacking the biggest auto market in the World – China

Back in the beginning of November 2018, Elon Musk announced that all production of Tesla battery modules and packs would be sourced for the new Mega Factory in Shanghai. Tesla is however, now looking for a new battery supplier…

Ian Karamanov by Jan 31, 2019

Crypto Winter to Turn Nuclear if Price Drops Below $3000

The current crypto winter according to Jimmy Lingham can turn nuclear if there is a price drop below $3000. The strong buy walls from crypto exchanges are

Avatar by Jan 30, 2019

Is Facebook the biggest community for fake news and fake accounts?

In his report, Greenspan accuses Facebook of lying to the public for a very long period of time. He believes that there is a huge problem with fake accounts. The report states that over 50% of Facebook’s accounts are actually fake…

Avatar by Jan 29, 2019

Bitcoin is the perfect Digital Currency to survive a Nuclear apocalypse

Charlie Shrem is a Crypto pioneer and he strongly believes that Bitcoin will have a leading role in a possible future devastated by nuclear war. Bitcoin has the potential to…