Avatar by Jun 10, 2019

Optimistic Crypto Forecasts: The Next Few Years Could be Wild

The is slowing down. After bitcoin climbed from $3K to almost $9K things are beginning to stagnate a bit. Optimistic crypto forecasts however, are

Ian Karamanov by Jun 7, 2019

Chinese Stablecoin Interest Quickly Passes Interest From the West

Even though China is very harsh on cryptocurrencies and the trade wars are heating up, the Chinese stablecoin interest seems to be growing rapidly

Ian Karamanov by Jun 4, 2019

Baidu Bitcoin Search Shows Spike of Chinese Interest in Crypto

The recent bitcoin price surge seems to have not only caught Chinese interest, but was probably helped by it. Judging by the Baidu bitcoin search interest

Avatar by Jun 4, 2019

Major Crypto Project Developed by 14 of the Biggest Banks

Big banks throwing money at a major crypto project would seem like a laughable idea even during the bull run back in 2017. Nowadays however, it seems that

Ian Karamanov by May 31, 2019

EOS Coinbase Partnership Marks a Crazy Month for the Exchange

The EOS Coinbase partnership is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crypto exchange’s incredibly successful last month. Coinbase has managed