Ian Karamanov by Feb 18, 2019

Crypto Bull Run: The Next One Will be Remembered

The next crypto bull run is hyped to be one of epic proportions by many crypto bulls. Some investors caught the wave and invested early, but didn’t cash out during the all-time high.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 15, 2019

BitTorrent: Can the Purchase by TRON be Considered a Mistake

The purchase of BitTorrent by TRON was a huge move. Many people however, have recently started to question if the purchase is in fact a liability due to the

Peio Purlev by Feb 15, 2019

Ripple offered millions of dollars in XRP to attract the best Technology Talent

According to the Ripple LinkedIn profile, the company is looking to hire a small army of engineers, technical developers and experts. This will include a new head of engineering for xCurrent, the biggest competitor for the center of the global payments infrastructure – SWIFT.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 14, 2019

Global Recession: Experts Say Odds are Going Increasingly Up

The global recession is mentioned often lately. Despite the Dow’s last year performance, most experts remain positive that a scenario worse than the 2008 financial crisis is on its way.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 13, 2019

BNB: How did this Cryptocurrency Rise During the Bear Market

For the first time in its history, Binance Coin became one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the increasingly popular strategy of burning tokens

Peio Purlev by Feb 13, 2019

Crypto ATM is a clear sign of Cryptocurrency adoption in the Philippines

Local Philippines media reported recently that one of the largest commercial banks in the country, Union Bank has launched the first nationwide Crypto ATM. Union Bank released an official statement in which they clarified the purpose of the Crypto ATM.