Ian Karamanov by Aug 8, 2019

Max Keiser: Very Optimistic on Bitcoin Dominance and Bitcoin in General

Max Keiser has recently stated that he has very big faith placed in Bitcoin dominance. He also mentioned that altcoins are not doing to well and if things

Ian Karamanov by Aug 7, 2019

Macroeconomic Factors are Key Behind Bitcoin’s Recent Price Surge

Macroeconomic factors seems to be the main reason behind Bitcoin’s sudden price surge. Many experts have noticed that

Ian Karamanov by Aug 5, 2019

Massive 210MB Block Reponsible for BSV Split Into 3 Different Chains

A massive 210MB block was responsible for the recent Bitcoin SV split into 3 entirely different chains. For the first time in history, a hard fork was

Avatar by Aug 2, 2019

Pundi X and Samsung Collaboration: Integration of the XWallet

The recently announced XWallet integration will happen effortlessly thanks to the partnership between Pundi X and Samsung

Avatar by Jul 31, 2019

Oranco is Seeking a Blockchain Solution for Product Authenticity

Oranco, a Chinese liquor distributer and advertiser that specializes in Fenjiu alcohol and imported wines, is currently looking for a blockchain solution which will ensure the authenticity of its products.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 30, 2019

Mainstream Sports Tokenization: What’s Currently Happening

When it comes to mainstream sports, it’s all about money. Contracts, players, merchandise, all of it is centered towards reaching more people and thus