Avatar by Jul 9, 2019

Counter-Cryptocurrency Against Libra Already in Development by China

Libra seeing the light of day seems to be putting China in a serious predicament. The People’s Bank of China is already working on a counter-cryptocurrency that

Avatar by Jul 6, 2019

Currency Manipulation Accusations by Trump: New Price Surge Possible

The recent currency manipulation accusations by Trump has many people believing that the United States Dollar is on its way to a crash in the near future

Avatar by Jul 4, 2019

Electricity Consumption of the Bitcoin Network Shows Interesting Facts

Academic researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a real-time index that shows the total electricity consumption of the bitcoin network

Ian Karamanov by Jul 3, 2019

Illegal Bitcoin Transactions a Minority: Dark Web Mostly Uses Bitcoin

Illegal bitcoin transactions have been in the mouths of politicians and bankers ever since bitcoin was created. It seems however, that illegal crypto

Avatar by Jul 1, 2019

Ethereum Daily Transactions Went Above 1 Million 3 Times This Year

With Ethereum, the price is not always the most important factor. When it comes to daily Ethereum transactions, there’s a number of reasons why

Ian Karamanov by Jun 27, 2019

Coinbase Crash Stopped the Bitcoin Party: Coinbase Has No Brakes

The bitcoin train had to hit the brakes after the Coinbase crash became public. After the issue was resolved, Bitcoin had already lost over $1400