Peio Purlev by Oct 16, 2018

Crypto Hedge Fund is something we will here more often in the future

A recent report from Crypto Fund Research, states that 90 crypto hedge funds are already launched in the first 3 quarters of the year. If the same rate of launches is maintained, it can be expected that we can reach…

Ian Karamanov by Oct 15, 2018

Faircoin: The Small Price of $0.22 Can be Worth Millions

Faircoin doesn’t have a huge price or a huge popularity. It does however, have the potential to change everything we know

Ian Karamanov by Oct 12, 2018

EOS Community Divided: The Differences Between East and West

The EOS community is no stranger to division. Recently however, the issues between East and West are starting to grow at an alarming rate

Peio Purlev by Oct 11, 2018

New Bitcoin Sidechain will allow Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on Bitcoin

Not many people expected it, but by the end of 2018, an ICO will be launched on Bitcoin. A sidechain created by RSK however, will allow Bitcoin to host…

Peio Purlev by Oct 10, 2018

Dubai will use an official blockchain-powered payment system

The new payment system is powered by blockchain technology and it was completed in cooperation between the Dubai Department of Finance (DoF) and the Smart Dubai Office (SDO).

Ian Karamanov by Oct 10, 2018

Bitcoin Rat Pops up on Wall Street: Claws up and Teeth Ready to Tear Down the Fed

Even though it sounds crazy, there is currently a giant bitcoin rat on Wall Street. It’s convinietly placed to face the Federal Reserve and people