Ian Karamanov by Jun 19, 2019

Libra White Paper Revealed: All Cards Are Now on the Table

People who were skeptic about Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency can now reasonably voice their concerns. The Libra white paper was just released and

Ian Karamanov by Jun 18, 2019

Bitcoin Daily Active Addresses Jump Over 1 Million: Answering Skeptics

Recent data shows that bitcoin daily active addresses have been increasing steadily and are now well above 1 million. A few skeptics however, believe

Avatar by Jun 17, 2019

Libra Association Revealed: The Truth Behind Project Libra

Next week the Libra Association will be revealed. That being said, the goal behind Project Libra, more commonly known as GlobalCoin, will definitely not

Ian Karamanov by Jun 13, 2019

Bitcoin Theft has to be Answered Personally by Craig Wright

One of the biggest scandals in the crypto community might seal Craig Wright’s fate. The controversial computer scientist is accused of a bitcoin theft

Ian Karamanov by Jun 11, 2019

CCN Shutdown and The Inevitable Surrender to Google’s Power

The recent CCN shutdown came as a surprise to many. It appears that Google’s recent Core Upgrade was responsible for a daily traffic loss of over 90%.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 10, 2019

Ban Bitcoin ATMs: Money Laundering Blamed on Crypto ATMs

The problem with money laundering seems to only be growing in size. When governments however, decide to wash their hands and ban bitcoin ATMs, the situation