Ian Karamanov by Dec 4, 2019

Real Estate Investing: A Seemingly Endless Opportunity

Real estate investing has always been surrounded by myths about easy money, endless growth and seemingly endless potential. The reality is however, that

Ian Karamanov by Dec 2, 2019

Insurance Industry Being Changed by Blockchain Technology

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid changes and at the center of everything, is blockchain technology. In the near future, blockchain tech will

Ian Karamanov by Nov 29, 2019

Privacy Coins Are The Best Against Government Spying

We’ve reached the part where government spying is something almost everyone is aware of, but cannot do anything about. Privacy coins however, offer average

Ian Karamanov by Nov 28, 2019

Illegal Bitcoin Transactions Occurring on the Dark Web

The majority of illegal bitcoin transactions happen on the dark web. Many experts however, are puzzled to find the reason of

Ian Karamanov by Nov 22, 2019

Ethereum Use: Great Examples of Smart Contract Application

When it comes to Ethereum use, the majority of people would simply think of it being the “second Bitcoin” or something they cannot use to purchase

Ian Karamanov by Nov 20, 2019

Crypto Whales Are Getting Bigger: Bigger Cashouts on the Horizon

Crypto whales have always been treated as a mystery. Most experts agree that over 90% of the whale wallets belong to crypto exchanges, but those few which