Blockchain Guides

by Jan 18, 2018

Learn what is IOTA (MIOTA) in this Beginner’s Guide

IOTA is a next generation public ledger, with a cryptocurrency called MIOTA (Millions of IOTA or Mega IOTA). The currency is specially designed for the Internet of Things and currently it holds in the top ten spot by market capitalization.

by Nov 12, 2017

Clearing Up the Segwit2x Hard Fork Confusion

Most people are expecting the windfall of getting the same amount of the Segwit2x coin as they hold in Bitcoin. However, many do not understand what the Segwit2x hard fork actually means.

by Nov 3, 2017

Blockchain Technology Demystified

The Blockchain. This is a term you probably heard a lot recently. Whether you’re watching your local news, the world news or surfing the Internet, the blockchain is a huge topic these days.

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