Bitcoin Guides

by Apr 18, 2018

Discover New, Simpler, and Faster Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Before you buy bitcoin, it is important to understand the market. As of this writing, the crypto market has witnessed a green line in the past week, as bitcoin price surpassed the 8000-dollar mark after a downward trend in the first quarter of 2018. Analysts believe that the surge followed the massive buy volume, as […]

by Dec 23, 2017

Bitcoin Futures Trading: An In-Depth Guide for Beginners

Within the last couple of weeks, Bitcoin has had a couple of major developments which have helped to boost the price up to the $20,000 mark.

by Nov 12, 2017

Clearing Up the Segwit2x Hard Fork Confusion

Most people are expecting the windfall of getting the same amount of the Segwit2x coin as they hold in Bitcoin. However, many do not understand what the Segwit2x hard fork actually means.

by Nov 5, 2017

Segwit2x Bitcoin Hard Fork – Explained

During this year, Bitcoin appeared in the news because of different situations. One of the reasons was its price, that since the beginning of the year, and until now, it grew almost eight times.

by Nov 4, 2017

Bitcoin for Dummies

Bitcoin is the first ever invented digital currency. It works the basis of the blockchain technology. It is continuously being created through a process called mining that involves computers solving cryptographic puzzles.

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