by Feb 4, 2019

Iran has officially launched their gold-backed Digital Currency – the Peyman

Iran has officially launched their own Gold-backed Cryptocurrency. Four banks have cooperated with the Ghoghnoos Company and they came up with the Cryptocurrency now known as Peyman. Peyman is the Persian…

by Jan 11, 2019

Will Bitcoin replace Gold as the dominant Store of Value and new Digital Gold?

The Co-Founder & Partner of CryptoOracle, Lou Kerner seems to believe firmly that Bitcoin is well on its way in replacing Gold as the dominant store of value. One of the first Crypto Venture Capitalist was quick to note that Bitcoin’s market capitalization has already managed to surpass that of silver…

by Sep 20, 2018

Stable Price: The Dream of All Assets Could be One Innovation Away

Every project aims for a stable price. Eidoo will take a revolutionary approach combining the best of both worlds and the result could be revolutionary

by Aug 16, 2018

Robert Kiyosaki: Gold and Crypto are THE hedging tool during the financial crisis

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the most famous book for financial education – Rich Dad Poor Dad, expressed his opinion recently on the current financial situation. If you aren’t familiar of what is happening…

by Jul 4, 2018

The Future of Economics in the Heated Soho Forum Debate

Cryptocurrency has been debated to be the replacement of fiat and gold since it’s creation. The debate faced Peter Schiff against Erik Voorhees

by Jun 20, 2018

Gold and Cryptocurrencies: The Past and Future of Investing

Gold and Cryptocurrency are the alternatives to fiat. One is the safest asset known to man, the other has unlimited potential for the future.

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