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Finance News

Finance News: Although unspecified, cryptocurrencies already have a role in Finance today. Most of the respected media in Finance are already reporting on cryptocurrencies, following their prices and categorized them as commodities, securities or digital tokens. Either way, cryptocurrencies are part of Finance today and created a whole digital economy. The cryptocurrency market looks volatile, but economic rules apply to it like they apply on the stocks market and the commodities market. The rule of supply and demand, economic cycles, bear markets, bull markets and many more all apply to the new digital economy. Our Finance news section will help you see these factors with Price Analysis articles, articles about commodities like Gold and Silver, and will showcase the role of cryptocurrencies in today’s Finance. Although that they are volatile, the cryptocurrency markets are ideal for traders that know what to do, because of the lesser transaction fees and the market that never sleeps.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 14, 2019

Global Recession: Experts Say Odds are Going Increasingly Up

The global recession is mentioned often lately. Despite the Dow’s last year performance, most experts remain positive that a scenario worse than the 2008 financial crisis is on its way.

Avatar by Feb 13, 2019

Crypto ATM is a clear sign of Cryptocurrency adoption in the Philippines

Local Philippines media reported recently that one of the largest commercial banks in the country, Union Bank has launched the first nationwide Crypto ATM. Union Bank released an official statement in which they clarified the purpose of the Crypto ATM.

Avatar by Feb 11, 2019

Will the Chinese New Year mark a new Bull Run for Cryptocurrencies?

The 2019 Chinese New Year was on February 5th and it marked the start of the year of the pig, bringing good fortune and prosperity to all. The Chinese New Year of the pig can bring good fortune to the Cryptocurrency world, as it may be the start of a new Crypto Bull run.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 8, 2019

Netflix Acquisition Possible by Apple: The Possibilities

Rumors have begun to circulate that a Netflix acquisition is being planned by Apple. After data came out that the iPhone is not performing according to

Avatar by Feb 6, 2019

Cannabis Stocks are a great investment, thanks to a new $867 billion Farm Bill

There is a clear reason for Cannabis Stocks analysts to be excited about the industry’s future. Many believe that the CBD industry is on the verge of explosion because of the new $867 billion Farm Bill, signed into law by the US President Donald Trump back in December…

Avatar by Feb 5, 2019

Apple is launching a “Netflix for Gamers” subscription platform

Apple seems ready to make a grand entrance into the gaming industry. There is a new service in development resembling “Netflix for games”. Users will basically pay a monthly fee and receive a bundle of games…