Tony Oreso by Mar 13, 2018

New Ways to Store Cryptocurrency as Hack-proof Smartphone Unveiled

If you’re wondering how you would store cryptocurrency once you acquire it, there is good news for you. A mobile cybersecurity company Sikur recently unveiled what they termed as “the first fully-encrypted, hack-proof Smartphone that can safely store cryptocurrencies.”

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 6, 2017

Blockchain Wallet Announced Segwit2x Plans

Blockchain wallet, one of the most important Bitcoin wallets in the world, has announced its plans for the next Segwit2x hard fork. The division will happen after block 494,784. Blockchain has decided to follow the currency with the most accumulated difficulty.

Gene by Oct 13, 2017

Best Bitcoin Mobile Wallet Services

Trying to find the Best Bitcoin Mobile Wallet can be a daunting task. With the way that society is moving to a truly mobile lifestyle, having a mobile Bitcoin wallet is essential.