Gabriela by Feb 13, 2018

Cointed ICO: Less Than Three Weeks Left

The company is quite successful in Europe, however, the team have set their eyes on the Asian market. This is why Cointed are moving their headquarters to Hong Kong. This will provide them with an upper hand when acquiring local licenses and attracting customers.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 30, 2018

Switzerland The Next Crypto-Nation, Says Minister of Economy

Switzerland is known for having a mix of languages, the mountains and a strong banking sector. The cryptocurrency surge all over the world has created an important competitor to traditional banks. Indeed, decentralized cryptocurrencies want to build the next economic system all over the world. A good idea for Switzerland may be to move from being the ‘banking nation’ to the ‘crypto-nation.’

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 28, 2018

Russia Is Ready to Introduce the Cryptoruble as Legal Tender

At CoinStaker we have written several times how Russia was planning to issue a national cryptocurrency. They have decided to call it ‘the Cryptoruble’, due to the fact that it will be the digital version of the Russian ruble. A draft law has been submitted to the Russian parliament to introduce the national cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Gabriela by Jan 5, 2018

Breaking news: Visa Ends Partnership with Debit Card Issuer WaveCrest

It has come to our attention, that one of the world’s largest payment processor and card issuer VISA, has halted payments to cards, issued by their previous partner WaveCrest. A little bit of background To serve their customers globally, VISA worked  with multiple partners to distribute their card to more locations. WaveCrest were VISA’s most […]

Gabriela by Dec 28, 2017

Interview with Cointed Executives

Since 2014 Cointed has transformed from a small start up to a mature company with diverse businesses. How did they do it? Learn straight from the people who made it possible! How it all started? “We want to offer the customers a solution for every problem in the crypto sphere”-Wolfgang Thaler In the beginning of […]

Gabriela by Nov 27, 2017

Cointed Presale: A Look Back

This article aims to give information about the results of the Cointed ICO Presale as well as define some aspects that the company will strive to develop in the future. Cointed’s ICO Presale started on October 20, 2017 and lasted until November 20,2017. For that period more than 3500 ETH were raised from more than […]