Ethereum News

Ethereum News

Ethereum News: Ethereum is a public, blockchain-based, open-source computing platform that is responsible for making smart contracts accessible. It was created and proposed by Vitalik Buterin back in 2013. After a successful crowdsale, the project went live on July 30th 2015, revolutionizing the whole cryptocurrency industry and commercialized Initial Coin Offering crowdfundings, by simplifying the process with smart contracts. The Ethereum platform brings you Ethereum news and allows the development of Decentralized Applications (DApps) and serves also as a community for programmers and innovation.
Ethereum introduced their cryptocurrency – Ether (ETH), which is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Although second by market cap, Ethereum is arguably the most impactful cryptocurrency, because it had the biggest impact on the whole digital economy. Ethereum uses an improved version of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm, but as Ethereum makes further progress on its whitepaper, it will switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) so it can complete its cycle and make the whole system self-sufficient.

Avatar by Nov 22, 2017

Why Ethereum is the Blockchain that Could Change the Music Industry

Since torrenting gained popularity in the late 1990s into the 2000s, musicians and others in the entertainment industry have been up in arms. Instead of buying music from music stores, customers were sharing copies of whole albums, feature length movies and other media. Instead of paying the artists and production companies for the rights to […]

Avatar by Nov 18, 2017

Coinbase Custody: Ready to Attract Hedge Funds with its New Platform

Coinbase is building a platform for big investors that do not feel safe investing in cryptocurrencies. In general, hedge funds, and individuals with big portfolios, do not want to invest in cryptocurrencies. The problem is that they feel that their investment is not safe in normal cryptocurrency websites.

Avatar by Nov 15, 2017

Parity Hack: Hard Fork Needed in Order to Unlock the Funds

A fork of the Ethereum blockchain is needed to launch the funds frozen during the parity hack some days ago. Martin Holst Swende, head of security for the Ethereum Foundation confirmed the information.

Avatar by Nov 9, 2017

Should Ether Have a Limited Supply?

Does Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s Blockchain creator, regret about not limiting Ether’s supply? Accordig to Bloomberg, “he may have created too much of a good thing.”

Avatar by Nov 7, 2017

Parity, Etehreum’s Exclusive Client, has Been Hacked

Nobody is safe. Not even Etehreum’s second most popular client, Parity. The company announced that they have been hacked by this address on November the 6th. 500,000 ETH are compromised.

Avatar by Oct 29, 2017

Venezuela Adopts Bitcoin Amid Bolivar’s High Inflation

In a country where the currency (Bolívar) loses its value every single day, is not possible to use cash anymore. A standard family only arrives to eat at the end of the month. Lets not talk about tooth paste or toilet paper rolls, they do not exist anymore in the country. If one is lucky enough to be able to earn a decent salary, it would be impossible to pay everything with cash.