by Jan 14, 2019

Amazon passed Apple and Microsoft to become the largest US company

Despite not the best ending of 2018 for the Stock Market, Amazon is starting 2019 by climbing to the top. The company’s total market capitalization surged past both Apple and Microsoft and reached more than $805 billion or more than $1640 per share…

by Jul 19, 2018

Ecommerce Ft. Blockchain: Lower Prices For Consumers, Better Rules For Retailers

We all know that blockchain technology and the global e-commerce market are the “engine of the global economy”. Blockchain is turning out as one of the…

by Feb 20, 2018

How Our Phones Are Becoming an Integral Part of Our Shopping Experience

Our phones have had a massive impact on the way we shop. In fact, they have completely redefined the entire customer decision journey.

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