Ian Karamanov by Sep 20, 2018

Stable Price: The Dream of All Assets Could be One Innovation Away

Every project aims for a stable price. Eidoo will take a revolutionary approach combining the best of both worlds and the result could be revolutionary

Ian Karamanov by Sep 19, 2018

AlphaBay: Luxury Cars, Real Estate and Huge Amount of Money Seized from Dead Owner

Alphabay allowed Alexandre Cazes to briefly enjoy a life of wealth. The huge underground website however, was in for a tragic end along with its owner

Peio Purlev by Sep 18, 2018

GoByte releases a Cryptocurrency Payment service for Merchants

GoByte Network, a Malaysia-based open source project, has released a free service that will allow merchants to accept cryptocurrencies at millions of outlets around the world…

Steve Kaaru by Sep 12, 2018

Chinese Cryptocurrency Traders Using Tether And VPNs To Bypass Ban

The Chinese government is well known for its bipolar approach towards blockchain technology. In one hand, the government urges more investors to use the distributed ledger technology in research and development. On the other hand, the government banned ICOs and cryptocurrency related transactions and even blocked more than 120 cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, the Savvy […]

Peio Purlev by Sep 11, 2018

Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong: Millions will use Cryptocurrencies

Brian Armstrong thinks that digital currencies will grow substantially, while attributing growth to commercial organizations with their own tokens. These…

Ian Karamanov by Sep 7, 2018

Inflation Today, Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption Tomorrow: The Possibilities

Inflation today is a serious issue for many countries. Every problem however, has a solution and presents an opportunity for tomorrow