Cryptocurrency Trading

Ian Karamanov by Jan 29, 2019

AtomicPay CEO: Crypto Reputation is Preventing Mass Adoption

The mass influx of scams and overal lack of information have lead cryptocurrencies to have a very bad reputation. Benz Rif, the CEO of AtomicPay thinks that

Ian Karamanov by Jan 24, 2019

Swedish Crypto Trader Taxed for 300% of His Total Profits by the STA

Linus Dunker is a Swedish crypto trader who received a ridiculous demand from the Swedish Tax Agency (STA). Dunker has to pay the questionable amount

Ian Karamanov by Jan 22, 2019

Laundering Money Through V-Bucks is a Big Hit Among Criminals

According to recent data, Fortnite’s currency V-Bucks is being used by criminals for laundering money in rapidly growing numbers.

Peio Purlev by Dec 11, 2018

WCX: Investing Bitcoin in the Financial Markets has never been easier

Trading platforms that allow mixed trading between digital currencies and traditional financial markets have experienced exponential growth in 2018. This is the case with the Switzerland-based trading platform WCX.

Ian Karamanov by Nov 27, 2018

SpankChain Showing Cryptocurrencies’ Ability to Give Personal Freedom

SpankChain is a pornstartup which gives models way better earnings and almost unlimited freedom when compared to traditional platforms.

Ian Karamanov by Nov 13, 2018

Trader Fined and Jailed Over Fraudulent Scheme Worth Millions

Joseph Kim is a trader who took one too many risks. Unfortunately for his previous employer and clients, the risks weren’t solely his own

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