Cryptocurrency Trading

Saibu Baba by Jul 26, 2018

The crypto exchange that gives you $100k to learn trading; you also earn by teaching others.

It’s no doubt that cryptocurrency trading has made many people rich overnight and at the same time, turned some into despots. Their difference? The ability to identify the right investment at the right time – when to buy, when to hold, and when to sell. The high risks of cryptocurrency trading, the cumbersome charts, and […]

CoinStaker Guest Post by Jul 25, 2018

Technical Analysis: 3 Technical Indicators for Trading Breakouts with Bitcoin

One of the most effective market timing strategies is trading breakouts from tight consolidation ranges. The reason that this methodology works is because markets tend to move from periods…

Peio Purlev by May 25, 2018

India may soon impose 18% goods and services tax on cryptocurrencies

It seems that, after months of imposing a negative narrative on cryptocurrencies, the Indian government may soon impose a GST tax on cryptocurrency trading. It is reported by Bloomberg, that the GST tax or goods and services tax will be 18%, and it will include digital currency trades, despite the fact that the…

Gene by May 17, 2018

Cryptocurrency Binary Trading Pivot Points Reversal Strategy (Part 2)

Pivot Points are a very popular trading signal. traders expect the price of an asset to make a distinct move in a particular direction. Traders use them to help predict price movements, and thereby decide where to take profits on their trades or limit their potential losses.

Gene by May 17, 2018

Cryptocurrency Binary Trading Pivot Points Reversal Strategy

Using a Cryptocurrency Binary Pivot Reversal Strategy for cryptocurrency trading can be a very rewarding and profitable method. Although it may be profitable, it will only work for you if you understand the intricacies of trading signals and how to utilize the tools available.