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Carlos Terenzi by Oct 20, 2017

Bitcoin Craziness: Bitcoin Price hits $6000 dollars

Bitcoin price crossed the $6000 barrier around 3pm GMT after days of being traded between $5100 and $5930. At the moment Bitcoin is traded around $6030 and $5920. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has had a trading volume of $2.2 billion dollars with a Market Capitalization stable around $94 billion dollars. The last time […]

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 20, 2017

How Bitcoin and the Cyrptocurrency Market could hit $1 Trillion in 2018

This may sound difficult to predict or too far from reality. But it may become true in 2018. Lot of people believe that 2017 was a year in which Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies exploded. This year Bitcoin price arrived almost at $6000 dollars and its market capitalization is almost at $100 billion dollars. At the same […]

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 18, 2017

Bitcoin Market Capitalization near 100 Billion USD

Bitcoin market capitalization is approaching 100 Billion USD as we are approximating to the next hard fork. Achieving this goal means that Bitcoin market capitalization grew 25% in just one week. Seven days ago, the market capitalization of the most famous virtual currency, was 80 billion USD. Now it arrives at 95 billion USD. One year ago, Bitcoin supply multiplied by its price was around 10 Billion USD.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 16, 2017

BitcoinGold helped Bitcoin to boost its price

In 8 days and 21 hours, Bitcoin Gold fork will happen in block 491407. It means that a new Bitcoin will appear in the market, named BitcoinGold (BTG). If Bitcoin is going to split, why is Bitcoin price being traded at $5750? Why have we seen Bitcoin touching new price records just some days ago?

Georgy Verbitsky by Oct 16, 2017

5 Reasons We Should Start Learning How Cryptocurrencies Work

Recently, the talk has been gaining momentum that cryptocurrencies are this big bubble from which one should stay away. We believe that the situation is completely opposite. And we need to study carefully the whole phenomenon of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 12, 2017

Bitcoin price hits $5300

After a week in which Bitcoin grew strongly, finally crossed the 5K level and hit high As we predicted in CoinStaker, Bitcoin price passed the resistance level of $5000 around five in the morning and kept growing until the price hit $5300 later. The last time Bitcoin hit the 5K barrier, was in September 2nd […]