Cryptocurrency Market

Kaia by Apr 17, 2018

The Evolution of Real World Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency offers a myriad of benefits to investors – privacy, decentralization and a slew of useful apps. These digital currencies are prized for their complete decoupling from governmental control. Yet, this results in several unique issues, including an ongoing challenge for liquidity.

Tony Oreso by Apr 11, 2018

Best Ways to Avoid Losses in a Crypto Bear Market

This year has seen the biggest coins in the cryptocurrency market plummet by a greater margin, even as the bear market continues. However, as the digital coins take a nosedive, the fundamental blockchain technology provides unprecedented risk rewards. This is according to Brian Kelly, the founder, and CEO of BKCM LLC, an investment company that […]

Steve Kaaru by Apr 10, 2018

A Win For Stablecoins as Stably Raises $500,000 In Seed Round

With volatility being one of the defining qualities of the cryptocurrency universe, the need for stablecoins has seen increased attention and Stably is the latest project seeking to offer an alternative to Tether. Stably raised $500,000 in a seed round that was led by Singaporean venture capital firm, BEENEXT and 500 Startups, a US firm. […]

Peio Purlev by Mar 30, 2018

Why are cryptocurrencies valued so high and do they deserve their evaluation?

Social media, internet protocols and all the opportunities that they bring are changing many industries, allowing for easier ways to do everything business related. Share information that will reach thousands of people, sell stuff, market your products where most of the attention is and network.

Tony Oreso by Mar 28, 2018

Why Do Investors Lose Money On Their First Investments?

The main reason why investors lose money is making investments in programs with high financial returns whose returns are realized in a short term. Such investment programs with high returns are always at a risk of shutting down quickly. These programs include High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs), Ponzi schemes, and well-masked pyramid schemes. They purport to offer very high profits ranging from 5% to 250% monthly on investments.

Tony Oreso by Mar 28, 2018

Discover Cryptocurrency Exit Scam—how would you identify one?

The cryptocurrency world is highly decentralized and unregulated, making it very susceptible to fraud or forgeries. Read on to discover cryptocurrency exit scam—and how you can identify one. What is a Cryptocurrency exit scam? An exit scam occurs after promoters of a cryptocurrency disappear with the investors’ money during or after an Initial Coin Offering […]