Cryptocurrency Events

Ian Karamanov by Mar 13, 2019

Groestlecoin With a Huge Surge in Price Thanks to MasterCard

With a huge surge in price, Groestlecoin proved that the world is patiently waiting for new crypto developments. The new crypto debit card offers

Ian Karamanov by Dec 27, 2018

Bitmain Layoffs are Apparently Not Harmless Rumors

The bitmain layoffs originated as a rumor on Maimai, the Chinese equivalent of LinkedIn. However as time passed more and more users confirmed

Avatar by Nov 30, 2018

North Korea Blockchain Conference: Even North Korea wants Blockchain

Now, at a rather strange time, the country is showing support for Blockchain technology. The country has announced its plans to host a North Korea Blockchain and Crypto conference, much like the one which was hosted…

Avatar by Apr 17, 2018

Porn Giants Team Up With Verge

Months of fevered speculation reached a climax on Tuesday, when Verge finally announced its mystery partnership.The privacy-promising cryptocurrency appears to have partnered with Mindgeek, the Microsoft of porn. Three of Mindgeek’s adult brands will now accept payment in Verge: Brazzers, Pornhub, and Nutaku.

Avatar by Mar 15, 2018

Dash is Making a Blockchain Sci-Fi Show

The biggest challenge for new cryptocurrencies is convincing people that they’re worth using. DASH, a second-generation cryptocurrency , has taken the most untested path yet: making their science fiction shows about the awesomeness of blockchains.

Avatar by Mar 9, 2018

Online Cryptocurrency Resources for Newbies

As a newbie trader, how do you keep tabs on everything that happens in the crypto space? This article outlines some of the valuable online cryptocurrency resources that you can explore for real-time information and trending topics.

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