by Jan 3, 2020

Restoring Trust in Crypto and Government Institutions

Governments and crypto institutions don’t get along most of the time. Due to the nature of both systems in a perfect world

by Dec 17, 2019

CoinStaker 2020 Prediction – Is Binance Coin Rise Sustainable in the Long Run?

What is the future of Binance Coin and can this kind of progress be maintained in the years to come?

by Dec 13, 2019

Preventing Crypto Terrorism Financing From Spreading

Preventing crypto terrorism is a bit more complicated than it sounds. This is mainly due to the fact that many governments are still

by Dec 11, 2019

AtomicPay CEO: Cryptocurrencies’ Reputation Delays Mass Adoption

Benz Rif, the CEO of AtomicPay believes that reputation is one of the biggest obstacles for mass crypto adoption

by Nov 29, 2019

Privacy Coins Are The Best Against Government Spying

We’ve reached the part where government spying is something almost everyone is aware of, but cannot do anything about. Privacy coins however, offer average

by Nov 25, 2019

How is Cryptocurrency Gambling Regulated Around the World

Cryptocurrency gambling is the latest trend globally now, and it looks like it has come to stay. It’s simply the use of cryptocurrencies in the funding of

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