Ian Karamanov by Nov 29, 2019

Privacy Coins Are The Best Against Government Spying

We’ve reached the part where government spying is something almost everyone is aware of, but cannot do anything about. Privacy coins however, offer average

Avatar by Nov 25, 2019

How is Cryptocurrency Gambling Regulated Around the World

Cryptocurrency gambling is the latest trend globally now, and it looks like it has come to stay. It’s simply the use of cryptocurrencies in the funding of

Avatar by Nov 7, 2019

Cointipping and Why It’s on Its Way Out

Cointipping is most definitely one of the most popular forms of using cryptocurrencies nowadays. Sure, it will never surpass the popularity of trading these coins on an exchange

Ian Karamanov by Nov 4, 2019

Coinbase Reveals Bitcoin Has Been Outperforming Stocks Since 2013

Coinbase reveals that bitcoin is not only outperforming stocks this year. The virtual asset has been causing an upset among tech stocks as early as 2013

Ian Karamanov by Oct 3, 2019

Offline Transactions Will be Pivotal For Mass Adoption

Offline transactions have always been a heated topic ever since cryptocurrencies were created. It was obvious to everyone that cold wallets would always be

Ian Karamanov by Mar 1, 2019

Millenials Investing into Crypto is Changing History

Millenials investing into cryptocurrencies has changed the course of history. Never before has an asset, digital or not, opened the doors of investing to