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Avatar by Aug 15, 2017


VIBERATE WILL ENABLE MUSICIANS TO CHARGE FOR THEIR GIGS IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES Supported by the European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” initiative as well as the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, additionally being advised by Charlie Shrem and Stanford professor / Pinterest Chief Scientist – Dr. Jure Leskovec, Viberate is bound to disrupt the global […]

Avatar by Aug 6, 2017

Latest BCC News, ViaBTC Temporarily Halts BCC Withdrawals, Thoughts on Potential Future Price Movement

Possible BCC price drop to ViaBTC suspending bitcoin cash withdrawals. Thoughts on potential price movement moving forward.

Avatar by Jun 27, 2017

Poloniex May Have Known Trouble Was on the Horizon

Poloniex bitcoin Exchange Issues may have been foreseen by staff as much as 30 days prior to events unfolding. A May 16th Post hints at issues.

Avatar by Apr 27, 2017

Trump Tax Cut Proposal Could Be Big Boost for Bitcoin

President Donald trump set to Propose a tax Cut that could help Bitcoin’s value climb even higher.

Avatar by Feb 19, 2017

Exploiting the ICO

In 2018 businesses will start giving crypto for loyalty instead of points or discounts. This way, consumers feel better impact from their loyalty tokens and can simply do more with them. The Giftz Network is building a big community to support this.