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Steve Kaaru by May 29, 2018

UK Hospital To Treat People Addicted To Trading Cryptocurrencies

We have just about heard it all in the crypto universe and few things get our attention anymore. We have been there during the rises, the slumps, the bans, the hacks and everything in between. However, a hospital in Scotland has made the headlines and grabbed every crypto enthusiast’s attention after it announced that it […]

Peio Purlev by May 28, 2018

Coinbase is rebranding GDAX into Coinbase Pro

The San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase have announced that they are acquiring decentralized crypto platform Paradex. Paradex is a cryptocurrency trading exchange that allows users to trade ERC-20 tokens from their wallets. This includes hardware wallets like Ledger Nano.

Kaia by May 28, 2018

Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit Debuts in Europe.

Frankfurt, Germany: The 4th edition of World Blockchain Summit is set to touch down in the financial capital of Germany. The summit’s venue aims to catapult the budding blockchain and cryptocurrency market of Germany, which has been thriving and, recently, flourishing within the European market.

Carlos Terenzi by May 28, 2018

Mark Carney Bank of England Governor Said He is Open Minded About a Central Bank Digital Currency

There are several central banks all over the world that are starting to embrace blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and the Bank of England is one of them. Its Governor, Mr. Mark Carney said that he is open minded about a central bank digital currency – also known as CBDC.

John Kumi by May 28, 2018

German Stock Exchange Considers the Introduction of Cryptocurrency products.

Recently, the company made its intention known to release cryptocurrency trading app. Today, they have hinted that they are working to introduce cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-related products to their clients.

Peio Purlev by May 27, 2018

Circle is releasing the full version of its new investor-focused app

Peer-to-peer payment platform, Circle is launching its crypto investment app’s full version to compete with cryptocurrency funds. The company announced the app Circle Invest last year in November and it is specially focused on investors. The company then released the early access beta of its app in over 40 states…