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Avatar by Mar 28, 2018

Shitcoin of the Week: Tron

If you’ve been in crypto for more than a few months, you’re probably already sick of hearing about Tronix: the up-and-comingest new fad money in a market already bloated with Fidget Spinners and Harlem Shakes.

Avatar by Mar 28, 2018

Is Further Blockchain Development Needed To Bring Mainstream Business Adoption?

Blockchain technology has been rightly described as the “new internet”. Like the internet in the 1990s and early 2000s, blockchain is still finding and establishing itself as an industry disruptor. Qtum…

Avatar by Mar 28, 2018

Can Blockchain Be Used to Create an Interoperable Online Resume that You Get Paid to Update? The Answer is DOCK enables users to input their data across multiple platforms in a matter of seconds–an update to the platform means an update across all connected websites and applications.

Avatar by Mar 28, 2018

Discover Cryptocurrency Exit Scam—how would you identify one?

The cryptocurrency world is highly decentralized and unregulated, making it very susceptible to fraud or forgeries. Read on to discover cryptocurrency exit scam—and how you can identify one. What is a Cryptocurrency exit scam? An exit scam occurs after promoters of a cryptocurrency disappear with the investors’ money during or after an Initial Coin Offering […]

Avatar by Mar 26, 2018

Belarus Implements Cryptocurrency Accounting Standards

The Eastern European country Belarus, has adopted a new accounting standard that includes cryptocurrencies. Digital tokens are classified according their acquisition and use. At the same time, the document explains which information companies will have to share with the local authorities. The decree regulating the cryptocurrency industry will be effective on March the 28th.

Avatar by Mar 23, 2018

Why are Quantum Computers a big Problem for Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptography is the key staple of cryptocurrencies. It is the underlying principle behind blockchain technology that makes the technology extremely secure. There are several cryptographic technologies that make up the essence of cryptocurrencies. But what will happen if this staple cryptocurrency feature falls apart?