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Ian Karamanov by Jun 24, 2019

Mainstream Use of Libra: Anti-Crypto Politicians and Their Stubbornness

The mainstream use of Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency is it’s greatest strength. Some politicians however, think that their anti-crypto views

Avatar by Jun 24, 2019

Bitfinex Offline For a Few Hours Due to a System Upgrade

Bitfinex offline for a few hours has sent shockwaves of panic throughout its customers. Wild theories about massive hacks and insane market volatility have

Ian Karamanov by Jun 21, 2019

Satoshi Nakamoto Books Will Soon Be Sold on Amazon

The Satoshi Nakamoto books which will soon be available on Amazon claim they are from Bitcoin’s creator himself. Are the books hiding something or is this

Avatar by Jun 20, 2019

TradingView Bug in the Fibonacci Tool Ignored for Years

TradingView have seemed to ignore a bug in the Fibonacci tool. This bug was first reported over 5 years ago, but it appears no action was taken even though

Ian Karamanov by Jun 19, 2019

Libra White Paper Revealed: All Cards Are Now on the Table

People who were skeptic about Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency can now reasonably voice their concerns. The Libra white paper was just released and

Avatar by Jun 19, 2019

TRON MainNet Upgrade: Is it Enough to Repair the Reputation

The next TRON MainNet Upgrade Odyssey v3.6 is set to introduce a lot of features that will help TRON with its dApp creation, security and stability.