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Avatar by Aug 14, 2018

What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and how does it work?

Initial Exchange Offering: The project relies on the exchange or exchanges to make the crowdfunging, the smart contract and the marketing procedures…

Avatar by Aug 14, 2018

Bringing DLT Specialists Together: Who Will Speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm?

On September 11, Sweden will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm organized by Smile-Expo – international coordinator of business events.

Avatar by Aug 13, 2018

Blockchain Render Farm Leonardo Render Outperforms Competitors in Pre-Launch Testing

As the blockchain attains significant coverage for its disruptive potential, new platforms and use cases are being tested for their efficacy and efficiency.

Avatar by Aug 13, 2018

Trans-Fee Mining Model: FCoin, the Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange, is Overturning the Industry

FCoin, the cryptocurrency exchange born in China, is changing the whole industry with its groundbreaking model “Trans-Fee Mining” and its revenue distribution.

Avatar by Aug 9, 2018

Splitt Introduces Advanced Cryptocurrency Cloud Server for More Profitable and Safe Crypto Mining

Splitt, a recently launched cloud server cryptocurrency mining service, is now making crypto mining user-friendly and safe like never before.

Avatar by Aug 6, 2018

Can an intelligent healthcare system solve the world’s woes?

Health is wealth. While this is an oft-repeated and highly cliched adage, its importance can never be overstated. As industrialization takes a toll on countries across the world, so does its subsequent effects that result in the rise of chronic, or “lifestyle”, diseases.