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Avatar by Jul 4, 2018

Indian Supreme Court: Crypto Ban will stay. What does it mean for India?

The Supreme Court in India decided against lifting the ban on banking services for cryptocurren exchanges and investors. Not only Indian exchanges can’t use the services, but also Indian investors that…

Avatar by Jul 3, 2018

Tezos launches the Tezos Beta Network, after many setbacks and delays

The Tezos Project and the Tezos Foundation have launched their long awaited beta version of the main Tezos network. The beta version is finally here and…

Avatar by Jul 2, 2018

How a Cluster Model Can Be More Efficient than a Blockchain

DICE Money, a new-generation cryptocurrency, while resolving the issues surrounding the blockchain technology, for the first time introduced a revolutionary “Cluster Model” that holds the potential to eliminate the limitations that blockchain technology faces.

Avatar by Jul 2, 2018

The Problem Of Centralized Data Barons & How Cryptocurrency Is Fighting Back?

The internet is global. We are all connected with each other. The internet lets us pay, communicate and share data with anyone in the world. Most people believe these statements to be true, but it is an myth. It is the narrative that governments, data barons and corporate monopolies want us to believe.

Avatar by Jul 1, 2018

Vertex Launches First Vetted ICO Token Aftermarket

Anyone who saw how ICO markets rose in spectacular fashion during 2017, knows that a significant number of projects were set up to fail from the beginning.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 29, 2018

Akon to Launch Akoin: Hoping to Build Africa’s own Crypto Wakanda

Akon’s actions as an entrepreneur and philanthrophist have put spotlight on him before. With his newest project, he plans to shatter perceptions.