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Avatar by Apr 3, 2019

What Kind of Technology Do Money Transfer Companies Actually Use?

  There is no doubt that technology plays an essential role for the development of businesses in every industry. However, do you really know what hides behind the phrase “we use the most advanced technological solutions”? Are money transfer services truly as revolutionary as they claim to be? It turns out that they aren’t and […]

Ian Karamanov by Apr 1, 2019

Facebook Crypto Aspirations Will Not Return User Privacy

It’s safe to say that almost the entire world is using social media in one way or another. A Facebook crypto token will guarantee a user base which is

Avatar by Mar 27, 2019

TiedCo Announces the Launch of Tiedcoin – the Worlds First Japanese Stablecoin – An Exclusive Partnership with the BeaXchange Trading Platform

TiedCo has announced the release of a new stablecoin, fully collateralized by euro (EUR) and yen (JPY,) and capable of being traded on the fully-featured cryptocurrency trading platform

Ian Karamanov by Mar 19, 2019

KakaoTalk to Integrate Cryptocurrencies Following Samsung Success

Following the incredible hype of Samsung’s new crypto wallet, the Kakao conglomerate are quit to make a move. KakaoTalk will be used to integrate crypto

Ian Karamanov by Mar 11, 2019

Samsung Pay to Integrate Cryptocurrencies With the Blockchain Wallet

With the new Blockchain Wallet, cryptocurrencies will be closer than ever to the average user. Samsung Pay stands to gain a lot of new customers from

Ian Karamanov by Mar 8, 2019

ABBC Coin: The Three Different Views for the Price Increase

A new cryptocurrencies has made its way to the top 25 cryptocurrencies. ABBC Coin quickly scored a price increase of over 60% but the reason for this can