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Ian Karamanov by Oct 8, 2019

QuadrigaCX Saga: CEO’s Widow Handing Over $9 Million to Clients

The saga which enfolds QuadrigaCX seems to be far from finished. Many of the crypto exchange’s creditors are voicing out their concerns that the

Ian Karamanov by Oct 7, 2019

PayPal Libra Partnership Has Concluded: Future Cooperation Possible

The PayPal Libra partnership has officially came to an end. Even though PayPal is still considering Facebook as a reliable partner for the future, it seems

Ian Karamanov by Oct 4, 2019

Latin American Banking Trojan Targeting Crypto in Latin America

ESET has recently discovered a banking trojan which mainly operates in Latin America. The trojan named “Casbainero” shares many traits with the typical

Ian Karamanov by Oct 2, 2019

Shadow Banking Can be Created by Facebook’s Libra

Facebook’s Libra is a real threat according to some of the biggest banks in the United States. The possibility of shadow banking is quite real and banks are

Ian Karamanov by Oct 1, 2019

Speculating on Cryptocurrencies: Derivatives Will Help Reduce Liquidity

Speculating on cryptocurrencies wasn’t always profitable. Over the last decade, things have certainly changed a lot a now many exhhanges offer a reliable

Ian Karamanov by Sep 30, 2019

North Korean Cryptocurrency Rumored to be In Initial Stages

According to the most recent information, a North Korean cryptocurrency is very likely to surface in the near future. Reportedly, the Asian country already

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