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Avatar by Jun 7, 2019

Russian Oil Industry Plans to Make Serious Use of GlobalCoin

The Russian government might have a harsh stance on cryptocurrencies, but the Russian oil industry stands to benefit quite a bit from Facebook’s upcoming

Avatar by Jun 6, 2019

New Trading Platform Developed by Ex-Bitmain CEO

Total market dominance can be offered to the Chinese government. The new trading platform developed by Jihan Wu, would realistically offer total market

Ian Karamanov by Jun 5, 2019

SOV Development Fund Ignores Warnings from IMF

The Marshal Islands are openly looking forward to the digital era. Despite many warnings from the IMF, the SOV Development Fund looks to

Ian Karamanov by May 31, 2019

EOS Coinbase Partnership Marks a Crazy Month for the Exchange

The EOS Coinbase partnership is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crypto exchange’s incredibly successful last month. Coinbase has managed