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Steve Kaaru by Apr 21, 2018

Crypto Exchange CEO Runs For Mayor Of Taiwan’s Capital

How can the blockchain community bring about changes in the regulatory framework to ensure that there is a well laid out framework that fosters the growth of the industry? While some may think that lobbying and social media messages are good enough, one Yi-Ting Cheng has a whole different perspective. Cheng, the CEO of OTCBTC […]

Steve Kaaru by Apr 20, 2018

Bithumb Announces Plans To Issue Its Own Tokens

The South Korean crypto market may be a little stormy but this has not stopped the industry leaders from making major moves and Bithumb is just the latest. The cryptocurrency exchange, second only to Upbit in the South Korean market has announced plans to launch its own native cryptocurrency, the Bithumb Coin. Turning To Singapore […]

Steve Kaaru by Apr 19, 2018

Indian ICICI Bank’s Blockchain Trade Finance Platform Has 250+Corporates

The blockchain technology is not leaving any industry behind and the trade finance industry is just the latest one. Mumbai-based ICICI Bank has announced that it has now enrolled over 250 corporates to its blockchain trade finance platform. According to its press release, the platform has some of India’s biggest corporates including those in the S&P […]

Steve Kaaru by Apr 19, 2018

South Korea To Limit Importation Of Mining Chips

In a move that seeks to reduce the risks associated with the massive energy requirements of Bitcoin mining, the government of South Korea has announced more stringent measures against the importation of foreign mining chips. South Korea has been on the frontline of formulating cryptocurrency regulations while most governments have taken a hands-off approach and […]

Steve Kaaru by Apr 18, 2018

Huawei Launches Its Blockchain Service Platform

Huawei has been making headlines in the crypto universe for some time now. Less than a month ago, it partnered with Swiss startup Sirin Labs to develop a blockchain-ready smartphone using the SIRIN OS, the first time a major phone maker has done this. The Shenzhen-based phone maker is not stopping any time soon and […]

Andrew Ancheta by Apr 17, 2018

Porn Giants Team Up With Verge

Months of fevered speculation reached a climax on Tuesday, when Verge finally announced its mystery partnership.The privacy-promising cryptocurrency appears to have partnered with Mindgeek, the Microsoft of porn. Three of Mindgeek’s adult brands will now accept payment in Verge: Brazzers, Pornhub, and Nutaku.