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crypto mining news

Avatar by Jul 3, 2019

Mining Profits Up 24% in the Last Month for Argo Blockchain: What’s Next

Argo Blockchain has had a very impressive last month. Mining profits were up by 24% and if the bull run keeps the same trajectory, July could be even better

Ian Karamanov by Feb 21, 2019

Crypto Mining Equipment Is Currently No Longer Profitable

The latest data released by Bitmain shows that at the moment it’s just not worth investing into crypto mining equipment. Whether you seek to mine or produce

Ian Karamanov by Jan 16, 2019

Giga Watt: A Short Existence and a Very Big Lesson

Giga Watt existed for a little over than a year. This short existance however, can provide us with many valuable lessons for both the market and when it’s time to recognize the signs and leave.

Avatar by Jan 10, 2019

McAfee Report: Crypto Mining Malware has increased 4000% in 2018

A McAfee report offers alarming information about the rising amount of Crypto mining malware. According to the report crypto mining malware has increased by the colossal 4000% just for 2018.

Avatar by Dec 14, 2018

Xolaris Investment Firm launches two Bitcoin Mining Investment Funds

Xolaris has launched a European private-equity fund focused on Bitcoin mining. The timing of the launch comes as a surprise to many experts, mainly because of Bitcoin’s market price went down. Nevertheless, the German investment firm Xolaris intends to raise between 34 and $57 million for the project’s 4-year period…

Ian Karamanov by Dec 3, 2018

KingMiner: The New Adaptive Mining Malware With Endless Possibilities

Kingminer is a new and very unique form of malware. After being studied by researchers, the malware seems to be adapting to the methods used against it.