Crypto Mining News

crypto mining news

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 6, 2018

United States Authorities Catch Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Miners in Washington

Cryptocurrencies and the activities around them have been calling the attention of several investors and individuals all over the world. One of the activities that received an important support were cryptocurrency mining activities.

Peio Purlev by Apr 5, 2018

Google removes malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions from Chrome

Google has announced in a blog post on Monday April 2nd that they are pulling cryptocurrency mining extensions from the Chrome Web Store. The U.S. tech giant made their decision to ban cryptocurrency mining browser extensions after 90% failed to comply with Google’s rules and policies. One in ten extensions involved in mining

Andrew Ancheta by Mar 21, 2018

Fire Sale on Monero Miners! You’ve got a Week to Use Them

If you’ve ever thought about getting into the mining game, then Bitmain has got a great deal for you: the China-based circuit maker is has a new mining rig for Monero. If that sounds too good to be true, it is: you’ve only got about a week of high-profit hashing before Monero changes its algorithm.Bitmain…

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Mar 19, 2018

Apple is looking out for its Customers in a Crypto-Prone Climate

But that’s not Apple. Apple understands what it means to keep your customers happy and provide them with the best of services, (no wonder they made a thousand dollar phone and still had millions across the globe trooping in for it).

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 13, 2018

Kakao, South Korean Internet Giant, To Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

Different enterprises are starting to move towards Blockchain technology. The South Korean internet Giant, Kakao, is ready to enter the cryptocurrency market by launching its own token: Kakao Coin. The intention is to create a blockchain subsidiary and integrate the users and merchants that use the platform.

Carlos Terenzi by Mar 12, 2018

Microsoft Has Blocked Over 400,000 Cryptojacking Attacks

Microsoft has been able to block more than 400,000 attempts of cryptojacking in just 12 hours. The information has been released by Microsoft on a blog post on March 7 in which they explain how the events occurred.