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crypto mining news

Steve Kaaru by Jul 10, 2018

What To Expect In July For Miners and Bitcoin Enthusiasts

So far in the first half of the year, bitcoin has been getting a beating; a beating so bad that it lost 70% of its value to hit bottom at around $5,800 from over $19,000. This has been a terrific time for bitcoin pessimists who’ve been running around calling it a scam and proclaiming ‘doomsday’ […]

Gene by Jul 10, 2018

Miners and Hashes and Blocks, Oh My! A Crypto Mining Guide

Cryptocurrencies, Miners and mining are confusing at best and damn near impossible to comprehend at worst.

Gene by Jun 29, 2018

Sacramento Kings First Pro Team to Mine Ethereum

However, for the Sacramento Kings, Cryptocurrency mining has become a reality, alongside glass backboards, 3-pointers and the shot-clock.

Steve Kaaru by Jun 27, 2018

Quebec Triples Its Electricity Rates For Crypto Miners

Hydro-Quebec, the electricity generator of Quebec, after earlier in the year halting mining operations and more recently suspending applications on new applications for crypto mining operations, has now resumed fully supplying electricity and is accepting new applications for crypto mining operations. However, now it will cost crypto miners three times the price they paid for […]

Steve Kaaru by Jun 26, 2018

Ukraine’s Moment Of Joy And Sadness In The Crypto Industry

It’s been a busy month for the crypto industry in Ukraine. The country’s crypto miners were in celebration after the government relieved them from having to get licensees to mine. This would open up the process for more miners who have one less thing to worry about. Before the excitement had died down, the crypto […]

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 6, 2018

United States Authorities Catch Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Miners in Washington

Cryptocurrencies and the activities around them have been calling the attention of several investors and individuals all over the world. One of the activities that received an important support were cryptocurrency mining activities.