Crypto Mining News

crypto mining news

Ian Karamanov by Sep 16, 2019

Inner Mongolia Regulators Demand That China Bans Mining Farms

Inner Mongolia regulators have decided that there are far too many crypto mining facilities oeprating within the province and have thus requested that

Ian Karamanov by Aug 7, 2019

Total Computing Power Record Was Broken Earlier This Month

The total computing power record was recently broken. Many specialists have pointed out that in order for this to happen, a huge influx of brand new miners

Avatar by Aug 6, 2019

Chinese ASIC Manufacturer Bitmain Lost $625 Million

The Chinese ASIC manufacturer Bitmain certainly did not think that the year would start in such a way. The sales of the outdated ASICs seem to have caused

Avatar by Jul 3, 2019

Mining Profits Up 24% in the Last Month for Argo Blockchain: What’s Next

Argo Blockchain has had a very impressive last month. Mining profits were up by 24% and if the bull run keeps the same trajectory, July could be even better

Ian Karamanov by Feb 21, 2019

Crypto Mining Equipment Is Currently No Longer Profitable

The latest data released by Bitmain shows that at the moment it’s just not worth investing into crypto mining equipment. Whether you seek to mine or produce

Ian Karamanov by Jan 16, 2019

Giga Watt: A Short Existence and a Very Big Lesson

Giga Watt existed for a little over than a year. This short existance however, can provide us with many valuable lessons for both the market and when it’s time to recognize the signs and leave.