Crypto exchange

Ian Karamanov by Oct 26, 2018

Bisq: What Does a Decentralized Crypto Exchange Really Mean?

We hear the term decentralized exchange or DEX all the time. In reality, the only exchange, which can be classified as decentralized is Bisq

Peio Purlev by Oct 25, 2018

Kraken has been flooded with Tether tokens, despite the downtrend

There is a huge flood of Tether (USDT) tokens into 1 particular wallet address. The address belongs to the Kraken exchange. Kraken remains one of the few places in the world…

Ian Karamanov by Oct 17, 2018

Quick Money is About to Become Quicker: Trade Bots are the Future

Everyone wants quick money. Investors in modern time are almost always required to rely on technology and trade bots are just the edge most of them need

Gene by Oct 4, 2018

ChangeNow Exchange Accused of $70,000 Theft

Would you send your money to a company, who can decide to just keep it and not give you anything in return? That is exactly what happened, and the most …

Ian Karamanov by Oct 3, 2018

GBTC Facing an 80% Share Price Decline for 10 Months

GTBC is not having the best 10 months. The trust has seen heavy losses in the last 10 months. Experts believe the losses could have been far less if

Ian Karamanov by Oct 2, 2018

ShapeShift Easily Shuts Down Accusations About Money Laundering

ShapeShift is one of the most transparent crypto exchanges out there. So many people were shocked when it was recently accused of money laundering