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Ian Karamanov by Mar 5, 2019

Cryptopia Security Issues Still Present. Reopening Delayed Shortly

After the attack in January, the Cryptopia security team is hard at work optimizing the system against further breaches. Small issues have managed to delay the

Ian Karamanov by Feb 19, 2019

Security Breach at Coinmama: What can we Learn

The recent security breach at Coinmama underlined an issue which is often overlooked. Recently attacks like these are getting more common and users are

Ian Karamanov by Jan 23, 2019

United States Government Bombarding Businesses with Subpoenas

A lot of companies are getting tired of the ever-increasing harassment from the United States government and agencies. Regardless if your business is based in the US or anywhere else in the world, there seems to be no escape from the subpoena bombardment.

Avatar by Jan 18, 2019

ShapeShift announces layoffs, because of the Crypto Bear market

After both Steemit and Bitmain announced major layoffs, the Crypto Bear market has claimed another victim. According to Erik Voorhees, the ShapeShift Exchange’s CEO, it wasn’t an easy decision to change directions and let go of more than 30% of the staff.

Avatar by Jan 9, 2019

Bakkt Crypto Exchange raised $182.5 million from Wealthy Investors

The Bakkt crypto exchange managed to secure a substantial investment from a group of wealthy investors despite the very unfavorable market conditions

Ian Karamanov by Dec 12, 2018

New Assets and Exciting Independent Projects to be Listed on Coinbase

Coinbase is taking into consideration the listing of many new assets. The exchange has to first take all the necessary precautions and checks in order to make the optimal choices.

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