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Avatar by Feb 8, 2018

Cointed Bitcoin ATMs: Better Product More Growth

  We already told you the story of how Cointed became Europe’s leading provider of Bitcoin ATMs. Yet, getting to the top and staying there are two separate battles. The CEO Wolfgang Thaler and assistant manager Jimi Aho shared with us how they plan to maintain the company’s competitive advantage and stay at the top. […]

Avatar by Feb 7, 2018

Coinbase adds Segregated Witness Support to its Cryptocurrency Platform

Coinbase is one of the most important and famous cryptocurrency platforms in the market. As of November it had more than 13 million users. According to a blog post written by Dan Romero, Vice President and GM of Coinbase, the platform will be adding Segregated Witness (SegWit). The intention is to help Bitcoin scale and give the community an upgrade that was asking for since long time.

Avatar by Feb 2, 2018

Japanese Messaging App LINE Opens its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

Asia provides the cryptocurrency world, important daily news. If South Korea it is not in the centre of the attention, it is China, Japan or Singapore. The Japanese messaging app, LINE, has released a statement in which they announce the creation of a cryptocurrency exchange.

Avatar by Feb 1, 2018

Japan’s most popular chat app Line is launching a cryptocurrency exchange

The leading messaging app in Japan Line has announced plans to start their own cryptocurrency exchange service and an in-app trading space. The Japanese messaging giant has over 600 million registered users and 200 million active monthly users worldwide. The messaging app is popular in other nations like Indonesia…

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