Crypto Analysis

Avatar by Jun 11, 2018

Why are people so hyped about EOS and EOSIO? Is EOS Ethereum’s biggest competition finally started launching version 1.0 of their open-source blockchain protocol – EOSIO. EOSIO is a platform and an ecosystem that will allow developers to build applications for commercial and corporate use cases. The project is more than anticipated, as cryptocurrency enthusiast have invested in…

Ian Karamanov by Jun 5, 2018

The Inside War on Bitcoin

The banks and globalists see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a form of profit, but mainly as an enemy. Free market and anything related to freedom has always been an enemy of the bankers and globalists.

Avatar by May 28, 2018

Low Market Cap, Huge Investment Potential—Watch These 5 Coins

  Cryptocurrency investment continues to draw mixed reactions from both experienced and amateur investors, as to which coins can generate the best returns. However, little-known coins with low market cap can sometimes outdo the mainstream digital assets. Read on to find out. Crypto investment game plan Before you decide on which cryptocurrency to invest in, […]

Avatar by May 17, 2018

Cryptocurrency Binary Trading Pivot Points Reversal Strategy (Part 2)

Pivot Points are a very popular trading signal. traders expect the price of an asset to make a distinct move in a particular direction. Traders use them to help predict price movements, and thereby decide where to take profits on their trades or limit their potential losses.

Avatar by May 17, 2018

Cryptocurrency Binary Trading Pivot Points Reversal Strategy

Using a Cryptocurrency Binary Pivot Reversal Strategy for cryptocurrency trading can be a very rewarding and profitable method. Although it may be profitable, it will only work for you if you understand the intricacies of trading signals and how to utilize the tools available.

Avatar by Apr 20, 2018

All green across the board, as the markets are recovering. Price Analysis mid April

This week there was massive green all across the board, as the cryptocurrency markets are recovering well. The markets returned today at one of their previous highs, back above 350$ billion total market capitalization. Mostly winners this week, as there were almost no decreasing in value cryptocurrencies…

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