Crypto Analysis

by Jun 25, 2019

Next Bitcoin Goal is $12K: The Crypto Summer is Just Starting

The crypto summer seems to be blazing hot and the next bitcoin goal seems to be $12K. If the price keeps its rate of growth however, we can expect

by Jan 10, 2019

Chinese Analysts: The Bear Market is Here to Stay

According to chinese analysts the crypto market is not out of the woods yet. The bears seem to be here to stay and all rebounds are temporary.

by Nov 22, 2018

The Crypto Market is not dead: Crypto Volume 2x larger than reported

2018 has been very hard on the crypto market and investors. With the recent crashes we can conclude that the bubble popped and it’s hard for some people to admit it to themselves. But despite of all the negativism that is floating around, long term…

by Aug 23, 2018

Blockchain Ratings from China: Bitcoin is Not Doing So Well

Blockchain ratings from China are always a pleasure to see. Sure, they put a little too much hype on EOS, but no one can really blame them

by Aug 1, 2018

Analysis on Cryptocurrency Prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

Cryptocurrency Prices have been a rollercoaster ride for the past few weeks, providing a lot of opportunities for investors and traders. To a beginner…

by Jul 18, 2018

Cryptocurrency Price Evaluation; Performance Of Bitcoin And Ethereum

The probability of cryptocurrrency EFTs being finally allowed is giving momentum to the prices. Capital entrances of millions of dollars that would take prices to new maximums are being talked about.

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