Peio Purlev by Sep 12, 2018

Argentina’s Economy: A Very Rare Economic Opportunity Inside The Chaos

Argentina’s economy has definitely suffered throughout the last years. From political scandals and monetary crises, the country has had it all

Ian Karamanov by Sep 12, 2018

Large-Scale Mining Is Profitable: Millions to be Made with Big Investments

Large-scale mining has is the only profitable form of mining nowadays. A huge investment can turn into a huge profit with the right conditions

Steve Kaaru by Sep 12, 2018

Chinese Cryptocurrency Traders Using Tether And VPNs To Bypass Ban

The Chinese government is well known for its bipolar approach towards blockchain technology. In one hand, the government urges more investors to use the distributed ledger technology in research and development. On the other hand, the government banned ICOs and cryptocurrency related transactions and even blocked more than 120 cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, the Savvy […]

Ian Karamanov by Sep 11, 2018

Crypto Terrorism: Stopping Cryptocurrency for Terrorist Groups

Crypto terrorism shouldn’t be allowed to develop at any cost. Stopping terrorist organizations from acquiring funding via crypto should be a TOP priority

Steve Kaaru by Sep 11, 2018

Switzerland’s Cryptocurrency Association Opens More Positions For Female Leaders

The Swiss Crypto Valley Association has announced its decision to increase the number of women in the board. The primary aim of this move is to change the male dominance norm, by giving women similar roles to those of the already existing male members, including co-chairing the group. The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) also stated […]

Steve Kaaru by Sep 9, 2018

TransferGo Adopts Ripple For Transfers Between Europe And India

TransferGo, a top digital remittance and payment provider based on London, has announced plans to use Ripples blockchain service in India. According to a press release made by the company, the blockchain service will facilitate payments between all parts of Europe and India, thus replacing the slow communications systems which take 2 or 3 days to […]