Ian Karamanov by Oct 4, 2018

Alastria Signs Contract with Autonomous Spanish Community: Mass Blockchain Implementation is the Target

Alastria has signed a contract with the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. This contract may reshape administration everywhere

Ian Karamanov by Sep 28, 2018

Prospectus of Bitmain Shows Interesting Data After the Company Filed for an IPO

Bitmain’s recent application for an IPO has brought much much discussion. The prospectus shares information on the company’s resources and its potential

Ian Karamanov by Sep 26, 2018

North Korea: Experts Believe Crypto is Used Intensively to Evade US Sanctions

North Korea has always been a topic of discussion. Numerous sources belive they are effectively using cryptocurrencies to evade US sanctions

Ian Karamanov by Sep 18, 2018

Indian Websites Targeted by Cryptojacking: Huge Increase in Malware Infections

Indian websites have recently become victims of large-scale malware infections. This is a far more serious problem that it appears and it’s not limited to India

Ian Karamanov by Sep 13, 2018

Dark DAO: Blockchain Voting May Not be as Secure as we Hope it to be

The dark DAO can shake all plans blockchain has of innovation the voting system. This frightening new possiblity can have serious consequences in the future

Avatar by Sep 12, 2018

Argentina’s Economy: A Very Rare Economic Opportunity Inside The Chaos

Argentina’s economy has definitely suffered throughout the last years. From political scandals and monetary crises, the country has had it all