Steve Kaaru by Jun 22, 2018

Turcoin Founders Make Away With Millions Of Dollars

What was thought to be Turkey’s answer to bitcoin has now turned out to be another Ponzi scheme, one aimed to defraud investors millions of dollars. Turcoin had been dubbed a “national” crypto, Turkey’s own bitcoin and its answer to the growing virtual currency industry. But while investors were pumping millions of their hard-earned money […]

Ian Karamanov by Jun 19, 2018

Smart Cities and Blockchain

Smart Cities are the first step towards the cities of the future. Even today blockchain technology is already saving $billions and millions in man-hours.

Steve Kaaru by Jun 17, 2018

The Bahamas To Host First Blockchain Conference

The Bahamas is set to host the country’s first cryptocurrencies and blockchain conference to be held on June 20-22 at the Grand Lucayan resort. The island country has shown much interest in the industry with the Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson, confirming the event. He has also encouraged Bahamians to sign […]

Ian Karamanov by Jun 7, 2018

Russia and Eastern Europe Embracing the Financial Revolution

Even with the somewhat unfavourable views on cryptocurrencies, Russia and Eastern Europe race to gear themselves for the financial future. Government restrictions, FUD and speculations cannot stop the financial evolution.

Christopher Owen by Apr 20, 2018

Sky taxis, Smart Trains & Cities Run by Blockchain

Today we have smart TVs, smart washers, intelligent fridges and even smart toothbrushes. The world is awash with smart tech and people are now more connected than ever before. But how are smart technologies like blockchain and AI being incorporated in the function and design of cities?