Carlos Terenzi by Dec 5, 2017

Venezuela Will Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency Named ‘Petro’

Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, has decided to announce the creation of its own virtual currency named ‘Petro’. During a speech transmitted on the national TV Channel VTV, the president has communicated the information. The ‘Petro’ will be the first virtual currency issued by any country in the American continent.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 25, 2017

Belarus President Ready to Legalize Cryptocurrencies in the Country

Belarus, known as Europe’s last dictatorship, will legalize cryptocurrencies, ICOs and mining in the country. The President, Alexander Lukashenko, is expected to sign a decree in order to legalize cryptocurrencies. Initial Coin Offering tokens, cryptocurrencies and mining will be accepted by law in the country.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 23, 2017

Russia Warns About Using Cryptocurrency ATMs

The Tatarstan prosecutor’s office warned businesses about the violations that involve the installation of cryptocurrency ATMs. According to the webpage of the procuracy of the Republic of Tatarstan the legal status of cryptocurrency in the Russian Federation is not defined.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 19, 2017

Japan Clarifies its Policy Towards Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Japan is known worldwide as one of the Bitcoin-friendly countries. It has not taken hard measures against ICOs or Bitcoin itself or other cryptocurrencies. Now, the Financial Services Agency published a document clarifying the policies towards ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Nov 18, 2017

India Decides: Bitcoin’s Legality Hangs in the Balance

Some reputable companies like Amazon are even considering the possibility of making it (bitcoin) an actual payment method for their business transactions. But then it’s not that nice icing on the cake in every place in the world as it may sound, and India is one of these few places that have a bone of contention to pick with bitcoin.

Carlos Terenzi by Nov 2, 2017

Will Iran be the First Country to Introduce Bitcoin?

Iran is planning to introduce Bitcoin as a currency of daily use. The government is developing the infrastructure around the country to allow this cryptocurrency to spread on its territory. The information was confirmed by the ministry of information technology.