Avatar by Jul 25, 2019

Real Estate Investing: All You Possibly Need to Know

Real Estate investing has until recently, been something considered exclusively for the rich. Until the last 20 or so years, real estate investing has

Ian Karamanov by Mar 27, 2019

Apple Credit Card Will be the Beginning of the End for Banks

The Apple credit card might not be something out of this world, but its very concept has the potential to drastically alter our current banking system.

Ian Karamanov by Mar 22, 2019

Mega Grants: Tell Someone 20-years ago and They Wouldn’t Believe You

Epic Games want to make sure they reserve their spot on the top of the food chain. Epic Mega Grants is an initiative which can be used to secure

Ian Karamanov by Mar 6, 2019

2FA on Facebook: So Many People are Willingly Scammed

The two-factor authentication (2FA) on Facebook is way more than meets the eye. Unfortunately people’s phone numbers which are posted on Facebook can be

Ian Karamanov by Feb 28, 2019

Decentraland Partnership with HTC Resulted in a 60% Price Increase

The trade partnership between HTC and Decentraland had very quick and positive results. As news about the partnership were announced the VR-based asset

Ian Karamanov by Jan 18, 2019

Blockchain Developers Not Affected by the Market. Salaries Keep Rising

Blockchain developers seem to be unnafected by the current bear market. Experienced developers seem to be valued incredibly high despite the market’s current predicament.