Cloud Mining

Avatar by Nov 12, 2017

Genesis Mining – Pre-Sale Plans 2018

Genesis Mining is offering its new pre-sale mining plans for 2018. According to Genesis Mining, more than half of the available hash power has been sold out. This is an incredible starting point for the company. The demand keeps growing and the mining industry expanding.

Avatar by Oct 31, 2017

CoinHive Injections: What They are and How to Avoid Them

Coinhive is a software that can be installed in any website in order to earn Monero tokens. Using a JavaCript miner for the Monero Blockchain, users visiting a website can mine with the excess of CPU power. In this way, the webpage would not have to rely anymore in ad revenue to maintain the site.

Avatar by Oct 19, 2017

ViaBTC upgrades its mining contracts to S9 and L3+

Via Bitcoin or ViaBTC is a mining company based in China that offers a mining pool and cloud mining service for its clients. Haipo Yang, the founder and CEO of ViaBTC, created it in 2016 with a group of colleges from Tencent, an important Chinese Internet company. At the moment, ViaBTC is a powerhouse within the cryptocurrency mining world.

Avatar by Aug 17, 2017

Ethereum Cloud Mining

Ethereum Cloud Mining enables the generation of ETH without the need of know-how. Easily find out the best paying ETH Miner in the list provided.

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