Avatar by Apr 9, 2018

Arizona Signs Bill That Allows Data Stored in Blockchain to be Valid

Different states in the US are taking some measures that will allow the cryptocurrency and blockchain market to spread. Now we are talking about Arizona, one of the friendliest states towards these new revolutionary technologies.

Avatar by Apr 7, 2018

Chile Launches Ethereum Based Project For Collecting Energy Data

The energy sector is one of the most benefited industries after incorporating blockchain technology. The Comisión Nacional de Energía de Chile (CNE), the institution that regulates the energy sector, launched a pilot that is based on the Ethereum’s blockchain.

Avatar by Apr 4, 2018

Chinese Company Sinochem Implements Blockchain Technology to Export Gasoline

Blockchain technology keeps expanding all over the world and in many different fields. This time, the Chinese Petrochemical company Sinochem Energy Technology used blockchain so as to realize a gasoline export. This is the first time that the technology is used in this kind of industry.

Avatar by Apr 3, 2018

Could Russia Implement Blockchain Technology for Securing the Electoral Process?

Blockchain technology can be used in many different fields and can be applied to several use cases. Russia is planning to secure its next presidential election using blockchain technology. The intention is to avoid other countries or individuals to modify the results of the elections. At the same time, citizens would also see the voting process simplified.

Avatar by Mar 30, 2018

Liechtenstein Ready to Release New Regulations to Attract Blockchain Companies

Liechtenstein, a small country located between Switzerland and Austria is going to release new regulations that will support blockchain technology to spread in the country. The information has been released by Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister Adrian Hasler during a Finance Forum in Vaduz.

Avatar by Mar 30, 2018

Can Blockchain Technology End Global Corruption?

Corruption is a deeply entrenched vice in many countries worldwide. It has become a nagging threat to government and international security. However, blockchain technology has the potential to bring the activity to a minimum.