Blockchain News

Blockchain News

Blockchain news: Blockchain Technology is the most disruptive technology since the Internet. It is the technology that everybody is talking about, but few know how and why it works. It has the power to change the world, to the extent that big entrepreneurs and blockchain experts are predicting that blockchain will be a main layer of society like the Internet currently is. Blockchain can remove third parties, increase security, make data permanent, improve consensus of peer-to-peer and many more. Blockchain technology can decentralize systems, decrease corruption and many big corporate names, as well as many governments are actively investing in the development of blockchain technology. The fight for blockchain patents is fierce and with the rate of Blockchain’s development, it will come a time soon, when not using Blockchain technology will not be practical.

by Jul 7, 2018

Blockchain Bill in Spain Wants to Incorporate Blockchain Technology and Prepare Experts

Blockchain technology has been growing all over the world exponentially. Several countries and companies have been trying to benefit from distributed ledger technology (DLT). 

by Jul 6, 2018

China’s biggest search engine, Baidu is launching a token reward system

The biggest search engine in China, Baidu will launch a token-based rewards system in its blockchain platform – Totem. Baidu’s Totem platform will help…

by Jul 5, 2018

8 Tips on how to be sure that a Blockchain Project doesn’t fail

What do investors need to know, so they can successfully recognize potential cryptocurrency and blockchain projects?

by Jul 4, 2018

Blockchain Bang: 10 Public Companies Exploring Blockchain

Blockchain innovation has more than a way to attain its exposure. Outside buying over-the-counter products or investing directly in blockchain startups

by Jul 4, 2018

Why Blockchain For Energy Trading Might Not Be The Best Tool

Blockchain is being hyped in a way to efficiently manage thousands or millions of businesses across hundreds of applications,

by Jul 3, 2018

Zug’s First Blockchain Vote a Success

The city of Zug, aka the Crypto Valley just ran it’s first vote on a blockchain platform. The success can change the face of democracy.

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