Ian Karamanov by Jun 25, 2018

Blockchain Against Cheating in Online Games

Cheating has always been a problem in games. With how much games have evolved in recent years, it’s only natural cheating has adapted as well.

Avatar by Jun 23, 2018

India Launching A Governance Blockchain Platform

India plans to launch what will be the largest blockchain implementation in governance in the world. The idea was suggested by the country’s main think-tank NITI Aayog and is set to disrupt how the Indian government operates. The blockchain technology has the potential to reduce fraud, speed up enforcement of contracts, increase transparency of transactions, […]

Avatar by Jun 22, 2018

BBVA Bank Signs Partnership with Repsol to Use Blockchain Technology

The Spanish bank BBVA has decided to sign a partnership with the energy company Repsol in order to develop financial solutions using blockchain technology. The information has been revealed on June the 20th by BBVA on its official site. 

Avatar by Jun 21, 2018

News Startup To Be Modeled Around Blockchain Technology

According to a report in the Washington Post on June 20, a few Colorado editors are on a mission to free news outlets from mounting corporate interest and advertisement pressure. For this, the editors have turned to blockchain technology. Larry Ryckman, the editor of the Sun and a few senior editors for Denver Post are the […]

Avatar by Jun 21, 2018

Indian University partners with IBM on Indian blockchain education program

The latest blockchain education program was launched this week in India. With the help of IBM, the Indian Blockchain Education program will…

Ian Karamanov by Jun 21, 2018

Ownership in Online Gaming will be Redefined by Blockchain

The ownership some players feel after the hours and or money they have spent in online games is a delicate question. Blockchain provides an easy answer.