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What are the best Blockchain Venture Capital Firms? A detailed research

Big Venture Capital investment firms that are operating in the cryptocurrency industry and investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

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Walmart Leads Competitors In An Effort To Earn Customer’s Trust

The blockchain technology has been tested in different industries but financial institutions have proven to be the most successful in implementing the technology. However, other industries have also shown great promise including, entertainment, health, education and now, food supply. Ten of the world’s biggest companies have joined to create the world’s first food supply chain. The […]

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Russian University To Store Diploma Records On A Blockchain

A state-owned financial university in Russia has announced that it will be storing diploma records using blockchain technology. In a statement released on Tuesday 26, the university confirmed that starting September they will be storing all diploma records using the blockchain technology which will make it easy to confirm the authenticity of their issued diplomas […]

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Microsoft Launches a Blockchain Management Solution For The Entertainment Industry

On June 20, Microsoft and one of its leading partners Ernst & Young (EY) announced that they will be launching new content rights and royalties’ management system. The new system will support new content rights technology, using blockchain infrastructure, the new management system aims to streamline entertainment rights and royalties. Microsoft plans to start implementation […]

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3 Potentially Promising Blockchain Projects to Watch from Africa

Blockchain technology is a disruptive force of epic proportions. Its disruptive nature is being felt in the areas of finance and economics as cryptocurrencies continue to make the limitations of fiat currencies obvious.[…]

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Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Turns To Blockchain To Outdo MoneyGram

MoneyGram remains the old-school way of sending money across borders but Jack Ma’s Alipay wants to be the new cool way of transferring money across borders. As instant becomes the new normal, Ant Financial (formerly known as Alipay) has confirmed that it will be launching a blockchain based payment system. This means sending money will be […]