Ian Karamanov by Jun 19, 2018

Smart Cities and Blockchain

Smart Cities are the first step towards the cities of the future. Even today blockchain technology is already saving $billions and millions in man-hours.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 18, 2018

Blockchain Innovations Against Fake News

Fake News are everywhere. Most people have begun to hear about this just recently. What can be done to combat the mass spread of disinformation?

Ian Karamanov by Jun 15, 2018

South Korea to Follow Switzerland in Opening up a Crypto City

Switzerland has always been the global financial innovator. It comes as no surprise that they have their own Crypto City. South Korea has decided to follow.

Avatar by Jun 13, 2018

TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun has acquired BitTorrent

The software developer BitTorrent Inc. has be acquired by the founder of the cryptocurrency project TRON, Justin Sun. The negotiations have concluded and…

Ian Karamanov by Jun 13, 2018

Crypto Prospects in Online Gaming

Online gaming is already shaping future generations. Together with cryptocurrencies it can shape future careers, entertainment and finance.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 11, 2018

International Payments Can and Will Benefit Greatly from Blockchain

International payments are a slow and hard process for all the parties involved. Blockchain technology promises to remove some of the key issues, that are slowing down the outdated system.