Blockchain News

Blockchain News

Blockchain news: Blockchain Technology is the most disruptive technology since the Internet. It is the technology that everybody is talking about, but few know how and why it works. It has the power to change the world, to the extent that big entrepreneurs and blockchain experts are predicting that blockchain will be a main layer of society like the Internet currently is. Blockchain can remove third parties, increase security, make data permanent, improve consensus of peer-to-peer and many more. Blockchain technology can decentralize systems, decrease corruption and many big corporate names, as well as many governments are actively investing in the development of blockchain technology. The fight for blockchain patents is fierce and with the rate of Blockchain’s development, it will come a time soon, when not using Blockchain technology will not be practical.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 2, 2018

EU Parliament Declares Cryptocurrencies NO Threat to Central Banks

The EU Parliament will without a doubt be forced to take cryptocurrencies seriously. There is no doubt they are already changing the financial world.

Avatar by Jul 2, 2018

The Problem Of Centralized Data Barons & How Cryptocurrency Is Fighting Back?

The internet is global. We are all connected with each other. The internet lets us pay, communicate and share data with anyone in the world. Most people believe these statements to be true, but it is an myth. It is the narrative that governments, data barons and corporate monopolies want us to believe.

Avatar by Jun 26, 2018

3 Potentially Promising Blockchain Projects to Watch from Africa

Blockchain technology is a disruptive force of epic proportions. Its disruptive nature is being felt in the areas of finance and economics as cryptocurrencies continue to make the limitations of fiat currencies obvious.[…]

Avatar by Jun 25, 2018

How will the Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub affect the blockchain developers?

Some events in the world of business and technology, like the purchase of GitHub by Microsoft, have far-reaching consequences. The presentation of the first iPhone in January 2007 became the beginning of the smartphones’ era, marking the sunset of button cell phones and mp3 players. Popularization of such social networks as Facebook and Vkontakte, marked the […]

Ian Karamanov by Jun 25, 2018

Blockchain Against Cheating in Online Games

Cheating has always been a problem in games. With how much games have evolved in recent years, it’s only natural cheating has adapted as well.

Avatar by Jun 22, 2018

BBVA Bank Signs Partnership with Repsol to Use Blockchain Technology

The Spanish bank BBVA has decided to sign a partnership with the energy company Repsol in order to develop financial solutions using blockchain technology. The information has been revealed on June the 20th by BBVA on its official site.