Blockchain News

Blockchain News

Blockchain news: Blockchain Technology is the most disruptive technology since the Internet. It is the technology that everybody is talking about, but few know how and why it works. It has the power to change the world, to the extent that big entrepreneurs and blockchain experts are predicting that blockchain will be a main layer of society like the Internet currently is. Blockchain can remove third parties, increase security, make data permanent, improve consensus of peer-to-peer and many more. Blockchain technology can decentralize systems, decrease corruption and many big corporate names, as well as many governments are actively investing in the development of blockchain technology. The fight for blockchain patents is fierce and with the rate of Blockchain’s development, it will come a time soon, when not using Blockchain technology will not be practical.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 18, 2019

Carsharing is Being Looked Into For Future Blockchain Tech Implementation

It’s only a matter of time before blockchain implementations find their way into the majority of industries. Siemens however, is already exploring possibilities for carsharing and

Avatar by Jul 18, 2019

Blockchain-Healthcare Market Will Experience Huge Growth

The blockchain-healthcare market will see immense growth in the next few years. In some corners of the world, this growth will be pivotal towards the mainstream adoption of blockchain tech into

Avatar by Jul 16, 2019

Blockchain ID System to be Launched in South Korea by 2020

South Korea will be able to use the currently developed blockchain ID system by 2020. Initial plans about the project were revealed in

Ian Karamanov by Jul 11, 2019

Blockchain VC Firms: Growing Interest and a lot of Potential

Considering the crypto market’s volatility, a lot of investors a rightfully backing off. Blockchain VC firms however, have begun to slowly

Avatar by Jul 2, 2019

G20 Leaders Remain Crypto-Positive: Better Work Conditions Worked On

The G20 Summit in Osaka, saw G20 leaders have a productive and in-depth discussion about blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. There is much work to be

Avatar by Jul 1, 2019

Universities Offering Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education

Cryptocurrency is no longer the thing that no one understands and doesn’t want to understand. It’s a proven and valid financial concept that’s getting stronger by the day. Ever since investors and governments started reaping the benefits of blockchain technology, the need for increased literacy in the sector became obvious. This means that institutions open […]