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Blockchain Bang: 10 Public Companies Exploring Blockchain

Blockchain innovation has more than a way to attain its exposure. Outside buying over-the-counter products or investing directly in blockchain startups

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Why Blockchain For Energy Trading Might Not Be The Best Tool

Blockchain is being hyped in a way to efficiently manage thousands or millions of businesses across hundreds of applications,

Ian Karamanov by Jul 3, 2018

Zug’s First Blockchain Vote a Success

The city of Zug, aka the Crypto Valley just ran it’s first vote on a blockchain platform. The success can change the face of democracy.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 2, 2018

EU Parliament Declares Cryptocurrencies NO Threat to Central Banks

The EU Parliament will without a doubt be forced to take cryptocurrencies seriously. There is no doubt they are already changing the financial world.

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The Problem Of Centralized Data Barons & How Cryptocurrency Is Fighting Back?

The internet is global. We are all connected with each other. The internet lets us pay, communicate and share data with anyone in the world. Most people believe these statements to be true, but it is an myth. It is the narrative that governments, data barons and corporate monopolies want us to believe.

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What are the best Blockchain Venture Capital Firms? A detailed research

Big Venture Capital investment firms that are operating in the cryptocurrency industry and investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.