Ian Karamanov by Feb 25, 2019

Number One Blockchain by 2020: NEO’s Founder Speaks Boldly

In order to become the number one blockchain, NEO must show some remarkable progress. Da Hongfei however, believes that his project can achieve this feat by

Ian Karamanov by Feb 19, 2019

Security Breach at Coinmama: What can we Learn

The recent security breach at Coinmama underlined an issue which is often overlooked. Recently attacks like these are getting more common and users are

Ian Karamanov by Feb 5, 2019

FIO and the Quest to Improve Blockchain User Experience

David Gold hopes that FIO will be able to solve the long-lasting problem of unfriendly blockchain user experience. The FIO protocol will aim to solve

Ian Karamanov by Jan 23, 2019

United States Government Bombarding Businesses with Subpoenas

A lot of companies are getting tired of the ever-increasing harassment from the United States government and agencies. Regardless if your business is based in the US or anywhere else in the world, there seems to be no escape from the subpoena bombardment.

Ian Karamanov by Jan 21, 2019

Bitfury Group and the Quest to Decentralize the Music Industry

BitFury Group is starting the year with a very ambitious project. The new platform will aim at simplifying and securing the transfer of copyright assets.

Ian Karamanov by Jan 10, 2019

Chinese Analysts: The Bear Market is Here to Stay

According to chinese analysts the crypto market is not out of the woods yet. The bears seem to be here to stay and all rebounds are temporary.