Avatar by Jun 14, 2019

Blockchain Spending to Increase Massively by 2029

Blockchain spending is predicted to massively increase in the next 10 years. Not only are many different sectors going to increase their blockchain

Avatar by Jun 13, 2019

Spring Labs Just Finished Their First $23 Million Funding Round

It’s always nice to see great ideas from blockchain startups be appreciated. Spring Labs just finished its first funding round worth $23 million so it can

Ian Karamanov by Jun 12, 2019

Blockchain-based Tools to be Used After Improvements from Microsoft

Microsoft is planning to introduce many improvements that will allow users access to blockchain-based tools. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow will have

Avatar by Jun 7, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Impact on Blockchain Technology

Everyone is looking for a reliable way to predict the future. Many experts have wondered if the artificial intelligence impact on blockchain technolgy will

Ian Karamanov by Jun 3, 2019

State Farm USAA Deal Highlights Blockchain Interest From Companies

The recently announced State Farm USAA deal is proof that more and more companies are turning to blockchain tech in order to increase efficiency, save money

Avatar by Jun 3, 2019

Virtual F1 Car Sold for $100K: Blockchain Gaming’s Dawn

Gaming is rapidly evolving and changing generation after generation. The virtual F1 car which was recently sold for over $100K however, aims to show