Ian Karamanov by Aug 17, 2018

Gambling Dapps on the Ethereum Blockchain: Their Potential

Gambling dapps on the Ethereum blockchain are incredibly popular as of late. With people’s ever increasing gullibility low risk high reward

Carlos Terenzi by Aug 17, 2018

Nodeala – The New Platform to Invest in Masternodes in Argentina is the first collaborative platform to invest in blockchain technology. At the moment, there are not several options in the market, but the tendency around the world is to start opening these kinds of businesses. 

Ian Karamanov by Aug 16, 2018

Jeju Island of South Korea’s Rebellious Ambitions of Becoming a Crypto Hub

Jeju Island of South Korea is seeking the central government’s help in becoming a global crypto hub focused on innovation

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Aug 13, 2018

West Virginia Blockchain Voting Moved To Later In November

In West Virginia blockchain voting is about to be used. While it has many advantages over paper voting it’s still in very early stages of mass adoption

Carlos Terenzi by Aug 13, 2018

Podemos Political Party Wants to Regulate Virtual Currencies

One of the most important political parties in Spain, Podemos, asked the Congress to study about blockchain technology. Additionally, the intention is to regulate virtual currencies and their potentialities. In this way, different influencers and politicians in the European country have been discussing these topics and prioritizing them. 

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Aug 10, 2018

Confronting Blockchain Head-On; Beyond The Buzz And The Hype

The publicity around blockchain technology has gotten very far. Numerous prominent investors, technologists and entrepreneurs have gambled their reputations and fortunes on it. Investments in blockchain since 2015 are getting as high as $2.5 billion.