Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Oct 22, 2018

More Of The Authentic – How Blockchain Has Invaded Industry Retailing

The technology that has been driving bitcoin and several altcoins is being used for retail now, and its likely you may not have even noticed it. De Beers has placed diamonds on blockchain and Walmart has put lettuce on it. Startups are putting skin care and liquor and fancy watches on the blockchain.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Oct 22, 2018

Blockchain Regulation In China Takes A Wind With New Draft Laws

It looks like the anonymity that Blockchain provides will no longer be a privilege enjoyed by many Chinese after a proposed legislation by Cyberspace Administration. The new regulations that were proposed and for public consultation till November 2 which will require that companies that operate with blockchain technology to provide the real names of the clients they offer services to.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 22, 2018

Sia Blockchain to Ban All Mining Hardware from Mining Giants

The Sia blockchain network’s next hard fork will completely block miners produced from mining Behemoths like Bitmain. Some believe thats a winning strategy

Ian Karamanov by Oct 19, 2018

Security Services Company G4S Has Begun to Offer Crypto Custody Services

The companies offering security services for digital assets have always been trying to catch up with the technology. Hackers seem to be ahead of the curve

Carlos Terenzi by Oct 18, 2018

Bank of Spain Believes Blockchain Technology Has Potential to Revolutionize the Financial System

Several companies are currently investing in blockchain technology. Firms all over the world know that blockchain has an incredible potential to revolutionize several industries, including the financial world. And this is in line with what the Bank of Spain thinks about it.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 17, 2018

Quick Money is About to Become Quicker: Trade Bots are the Future

Everyone wants quick money. Investors in modern time are almost always required to rely on technology and trade bots are just the edge most of them need