Carlos Terenzi by Apr 20, 2018

Is the NASA Using Blockchain Technology on the Latest Spacecraft?

Different enterprises and governments are using blockchain technology in various fields to improve products and services. Now, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that they are developing an autonomous spacecraft that uses blockchain technology.  

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 19, 2018

Petroleum Company BP Searches Shared Projects with Blockchain Companies

One of the most important energy companies in the world, BP petroleum wants to expand its business by collaborating with blockchain-based start-ups. Apparently, the company is interested in different Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects that are trying to be developed. In this way, the enterprise would test blockchain products for its business model.

Kaia by Apr 17, 2018

How Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are Positioned to Ignite a Global Sharing Economy

Ever since the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2017, many established companies from various sectors have started to sit up and take notice of the everyday occurrences in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 17, 2018

Insurance Firm Marsh Works with IBM to Implement Blockchain Technology Solutions

Blockchain is one of the fastest growing industries right now. Many enterprises are working with it in order to introduce upgrades to their platforms and products they offer.  Marsh, an important global insurance brokerage, has partnered with IBM in order to implement a blockchain solution for proof of insurance.

Peio Purlev by Apr 15, 2018

Mastercard is investing in the development of Blockchain Technology

One of the leading payment processors of the world and financial giant, Mastercard announced recently that they are expanding their team with 175 additional technology developers, which will include Blockchain experts. The developers will work in Mastercard’s office in Leopardstown, Ireland where Mastercard Labs is…

John Kumi by Apr 15, 2018

Indian Government to Use Blockchain to End Fake Drugs Era

Think Tank has been reported to be working on a blockchain proof of concepts (POC) solution to eliminate the menace of counterfeit drugs in India. Think Tank is an influential Indian government that performs research and advocacy on social, political and economic issues.

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