Blockchain Jobs

Ian Karamanov by Feb 5, 2019

FIO and the Quest to Improve Blockchain User Experience

David Gold hopes that FIO will be able to solve the long-lasting problem of unfriendly blockchain user experience. The FIO protocol will aim to solve

Ian Karamanov by Jan 21, 2019

Bitfury Group and the Quest to Decentralize the Music Industry

BitFury Group is starting the year with a very ambitious project. The new platform will aim at simplifying and securing the transfer of copyright assets.

Ian Karamanov by Jan 18, 2019

Blockchain Developers Not Affected by the Market. Salaries Keep Rising

Blockchain developers seem to be unnafected by the current bear market. Experienced developers seem to be valued incredibly high despite the market’s current predicament.

Ian Karamanov by Jan 9, 2019

Blockchain-Powered City by 2020? Dubai Wants to make it Happen

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is not enough for the city of Dubai. Becoming the world’s first blockchain-powered city is a priority for many organizations.

Ian Karamanov by Dec 14, 2018

Facebook Jobs Related to Blockchain are Going UP

Facebook jobs for blockchain specialists are becomming more common. It’s no surprise that the biggest companies are increasing their personnel of blockchain specialists.

Ian Karamanov by Nov 29, 2018

Steemit Responding to the Market: More than 70% of Staff Laid Off

Steemit has been a blockchain startup with large hopes. The platform is unfortunately suffering under the harsh market conditions and restructuring is underway.