Blockchain Jobs

Ian Karamanov by Jul 18, 2019

Carsharing is Being Looked Into For Future Blockchain Tech Implementation

It’s only a matter of time before blockchain implementations find their way into the majority of industries. Siemens however, is already exploring possibilities for carsharing and

Ian Karamanov by Jul 12, 2019

Top 20 US Cities for Blockchain Jobs: Top Centers of Innovation

An in-depth research attempted to accurately pinpoint the Top 20 US Cities for blockchain jobs. The research takes very specific data into account as

Avatar by Jun 14, 2019

Blockchain Spending to Increase Massively by 2029

Blockchain spending is predicted to massively increase in the next 10 years. Not only are many different sectors going to increase their blockchain

Ian Karamanov by Feb 5, 2019

FIO and the Quest to Improve Blockchain User Experience

David Gold hopes that FIO will be able to solve the long-lasting problem of unfriendly blockchain user experience. The FIO protocol will aim to solve

Ian Karamanov by Jan 21, 2019

Bitfury Group and the Quest to Decentralize the Music Industry

BitFury Group is starting the year with a very ambitious project. The new platform will aim at simplifying and securing the transfer of copyright assets.

Ian Karamanov by Jan 18, 2019

Blockchain Developers Not Affected by the Market. Salaries Keep Rising

Blockchain developers seem to be unnafected by the current bear market. Experienced developers seem to be valued incredibly high despite the market’s current predicament.