Blockchain Event

by Dec 23, 2019

Blockchain Games: Huge Potential for Drastic Changes

The same way startups try out new tech, games often can be seen testing out new innovations. When it comes to blockchain games, the first

by Jul 2, 2019

G20 Leaders Remain Crypto-Positive: Better Work Conditions Worked On

The G20 Summit in Osaka, saw G20 leaders have a productive and in-depth discussion about blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. There is much work to be

by Jan 9, 2019

Blockchain-Powered City by 2020? Dubai Wants to make it Happen

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is not enough for the city of Dubai. Becoming the world’s first blockchain-powered city is a priority for many organizations.

by Nov 30, 2018

North Korea Blockchain Conference: Even North Korea wants Blockchain

Now, at a rather strange time, the country is showing support for Blockchain technology. The country has announced its plans to host a North Korea Blockchain and Crypto conference, much like the one which was hosted…

by Nov 8, 2018

Blockchain Steps in the Right Direction for Bulgaria

A very important blockchain step was done in order to emphasise Bulgaria’s intentions to adapt to new and developing technology.

by Oct 10, 2018

Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay Will Host the Blockchain Accelerator Event

Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay will be hosting the Blockchain Accelerator event between October 22 and November 7. The interesting thing about this event is the fact that it will be held in three different countries, which have been very involved in the crypto market.

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