Ian Karamanov by Sep 10, 2019

Blockchain Standardization is Expected Before 2022

Many businesses and institutions have already integrated blockchain technology into their business models. Blockchain standardization however, is something

Ian Karamanov by Sep 3, 2019

How Will the Advertisement Industry Benefit From Blockchain Technology

It’s quite clear that the advertisement industry is relied upon heavily by the biggest corporations of the world. The truth is however, that the industry is

Ian Karamanov by Aug 28, 2019

Blockchain Education is Absolutely Necessary According to Ken Weber

According to Ken Weber, there is great demand for blockchain specialists and there simply aren’t enough blockchain education programs available

Avatar by Aug 2, 2019

Pundi X and Samsung Collaboration: Integration of the XWallet

The recently announced XWallet integration will happen effortlessly thanks to the partnership between Pundi X and Samsung

Ian Karamanov by Aug 1, 2019

Chainlock Storage Device Launched by Austrian Printing Organization

Chainlock is meant to address the weakness of “hot” or online wallets to hacking, which OeSD said in a declaration earlier this week “are an incredible security hazard

Avatar by Jul 31, 2019

Oranco is Seeking a Blockchain Solution for Product Authenticity

Oranco, a Chinese liquor distributer and advertiser that specializes in Fenjiu alcohol and imported wines, is currently looking for a blockchain solution which will ensure the authenticity of its products.