Avatar by Oct 16, 2017

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, says that investors are stupid if they have invested in Bitcoin

He did it again. On Thursday Jamie Dimon said he was “not going to talk about Bitcoin anymore”. The next day, on Friday, commented that governments will “crash” Bitcoin.

Avatar by Oct 15, 2017

Living in a tent: cryptocurrency enthusiast sold out his home to invest in Bitcoin

Didi Taihuttu took Bitcoin potential too seriously, but he had enough good reasons behind this decision. In his family blog, he narrates the path they have followed to arrive where they are today. At the moment, Taihuttu’s family is in Netherlands living in a campsite where they have decided to have a less materialistic lifestyle. Indeed, this was the first reason that they had to sell everything out and buy Bitcoins.

Avatar by Oct 13, 2017

Best Bitcoin Mobile Wallet Services

Trying to find the Best Bitcoin Mobile Wallet can be a daunting task. With the way that society is moving to a truly mobile lifestyle, having a mobile Bitcoin wallet is essential.

Avatar by Oct 13, 2017

The 4 best Bitcoin-Friendly countries

This Asian country is known worldwide as one of the friendliest countries on earth towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Japan is one of the biggest trading hubs on earth concentrating lot of the cryptocurrency trading volume. Earlier this year in April, Japan passed a long discussed law that recognizes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as means of payment that “are not legal currency”, as Japan’s Payment Services Act reads.

Avatar by Aug 20, 2017

Can’t See Tokens in my Wallet after the ICO

If you are unable to see and view any of the purchased tokens after an ICO has finished – do NOT panic. We can show you how to enable them in your Wallet!

Avatar by Aug 17, 2017

Blade Runner – CryptoTrader Bot Review

A review of the cryptocurrenncy bot and strategy “Blade Runner” (CryptoTrader). And why trusting automatic trading bots should not happen automatically,

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