Avatar by Oct 27, 2017

Singapore Has no Plans to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The Central Bank of Singapore does not have a reason to regulate cryptocurrencies. The head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore confirmed it.

Avatar by Oct 27, 2017

Bitcoin Is Outperforming Most Of The Alt-Coins

It seems that the famous phrase “divide and conquer” does not apply for the branched Bitcoin currency. 2017, the year of the hard forks for Bitcoin, had, by far, the best performance since it was born.

Avatar by Oct 26, 2017

Saudi Central Bank Believes Cryptocurrencies are not Ready to Warrant Regulation

The senior adviser at Saudi Arabias’s central bank, Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, stated that the regulator does not believe that the cryptocurrency market is mature enough to be regulated yet. Before the central bank will determine any regulation on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Al-Sheikh commented in an interview with CNBC that the bank will observe the general situation.

Avatar by Oct 26, 2017

Amazon Could Accept Bitcoin as a Means of Payment

One of the biggest companies on earth, Amazon, could soon accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. As reported by the German news outlet, Die Welt, rumours about this possibility are becoming bigger.

Avatar by Oct 25, 2017

Russian ICOs will not die because of regulation

Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister, promised that initial coin offerings (ICOs) in Russia will not die because of regulations. During the last weeks, rumours were circulating regarding regulations on ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

Avatar by Oct 24, 2017

Argentinian Central Bank Not Thinking About Issuing Cryptocurrencies

After rumours around this possibility, Argentinian Central Bank Vice-president confirmed that they are not thinking about issuing a virtual currency. Argentinian Central Bank Vice-president, Lucas Llach, confirmed to CoinStaker that Argentina is not working in the development of a cryptocurrency. At least for the moment.

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