Peio Purlev by Jan 17, 2018

More than 80% of all Bitcoins have already been mined. What to expect?

The total amount of available Bitcoin for mining is 21 million. Once all of those Bitcoins have been mined, no more will ever be created. This cap is built into Bitcoin’s protocol by Satoshi Nakamoto. The purpose of this cap is to combat inflation and devaluing of the digital currency and to increase scarcity. With […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 15, 2018

Bitmain is Searching Potential Mining Sites in Canada

Bitmain, one of the gigantic mining enterprises all over the world, is searching new mining sites in Canada. Quebec could be the province that would host the most miners. The mining company is already negotiating with the Canadian authorities. Some time ago, Bitmain announced that it was expanding to Switzerland to the so called “Crypto Valley”.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 12, 2018

Bitcoin Mining Is Consuming More Power Than Tesla Vehicles

With the demand for bitcoin ever increasing, its price has also risen tremendously over the years, presently flirting around with $14,000. But one thing most people never give consideration too is what really goes into the production or mote technically, mining of bitcoin. Just as bitcoin’s price has increased so has the cost of mining […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 12, 2018

Which Altcoin Has The Potential To Become The Largest Cryptocurrency

Ripple is very close to overtaking bitcoin if it is to reach just $7. Honestly that sounds very unfair judging by the fact bitcoin costs over 13K per head. Well, take a breather because it’s not like how you think it is. It will surpass bitcoin in terms of market cap. Ever since cryptocurrencies became […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 11, 2018

Should I Be Concerned With The Omaha Oracle’s Cryptocurrency Warning

It is very often in one’s best interest to take advice from the elderly in society. It is even greater good when the person giving the advice is a well accomplished person in whatever field he or she is speaking of. But sometimes things just aren’t the way they may say or see them to […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Jan 10, 2018

Kodak’s KodakCoin: What It Is And What To Know

Remember those days when you would pose in front of a photographer and when you would curiously look at the name of the camera being used (because that was the easiest way to stare straight in the camera) and see the name Kodak. Well yeah, they were the big guns in camera technology back in […]