Avatar by Feb 12, 2018

Blockchain is changing the energy commodities industry

Bitcoin’s blockchain uses an electronic accounting ledger, with each block holding a limited amount of transactions made with the cryptocurrency. The energy issue is that cryptocurrency mining uses a lot of electricity and this has put a spotlight on mainstream power generation which is mostly from unclean methods.

Avatar by Feb 10, 2018

Crypto experts predict massive bull-run ahead

The last weeks in the cryptocurrency markets were pretty volatile. We saw huge dips from the leaders and altcoins. There was massive red down the top 100. We heard of Doomsday predictions and a lot of negative ones. Despite all of this we heard even more positive predictions and speculations.

Avatar by Feb 7, 2018

Blockchain is entering the Airline industry

Lately many industries found out about the many benefits that blockchain technology can bring to their business. Security and loyalty programs are just a part of these benefits. Last week FedEx announced plans to integrate blockchain technology into its daily operations. They want to secure data exchange between customers and thus increasing efficiency.

Avatar by Feb 3, 2018

Bitcoin Value Remains Up by 729 Percent

If you are worried about the recent crypto market corrections, rest assured that bitcoin value is still up by 729 percent from where it was a year ago. In fact, since its inception, bitcoin has gained nearly 70,328.57 percent, according to information published on Bitcoin has gone through a series of corrections in the […]

Avatar by Jan 26, 2018

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency price analysis for 26 January

At the moment the cryptocurrency market is valued at over 550$ billion. The market made a recovery of more than 130$ billion since last few day’s lows. Yesterday (January 24th) the market made a 10% overall rebound and added 50$ billion to the market cap.

Avatar by Jan 26, 2018

How to save on Bitcoin’s increasing transaction fees

Bitcoin’s increasing transaction costs have scared many people and pulled everyone’s attention. Everyone that is interested in cryptocurrencies is currently aware of Bitcoin’s heavy fees averaging at 20$ and more. This has become mainstream news and brought up some serious questions for Bitcoin’s future