Avatar by Feb 26, 2018

Steven Seagal Becomes The New Face of “Bitcoiin”

Proving once again that society has moved beyond parody or satire,  an upstart ICO has announced a celebrity partner who we sincerely hope will become the new face of cryptocurrency: Steven Seagal.

Avatar by Feb 14, 2018

What is the difference between an ICO hard cap and soft cap?

The evaluation of an ICO includes many factors. Knowing the hard cap and the soft cap of an ICO is some of this statistical information that every investor should know. However there is a significant difference between capped and uncapped ICOs.

Avatar by Feb 12, 2018

Monday Brings Good Tidings For Bitcoin And Other Altcoins

Monday seems to have been a very great day for the cryptocurrency world at large. Bitcoin which has had an impressively bad 2018 saw an 8% increment, as did the Ripple XRP and Ethereum which rose by 10% and 7.1% respectively. Ripple climbed past one dollar for the first time in over two weeks according […]

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Cryptocurrency Regulation ‘inevitable,’ says IMF Chief

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde, cryptocurrencies will eventually find themselves in the web of government regulation, even as the subject of cryptocurrency regulation continues to spark a heated debate both within and outside the crypto space. Speaking to CNNMoney emerging markets editor John Defterios, Ms. Lagarde said, “It’s inevitable…it’s clearly a […]

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Blockchain is changing the energy commodities industry

Bitcoin’s blockchain uses an electronic accounting ledger, with each block holding a limited amount of transactions made with the cryptocurrency. The energy issue is that cryptocurrency mining uses a lot of electricity and this has put a spotlight on mainstream power generation which is mostly from unclean methods.

Avatar by Feb 10, 2018

Crypto experts predict massive bull-run ahead

The last weeks in the cryptocurrency markets were pretty volatile. We saw huge dips from the leaders and altcoins. There was massive red down the top 100. We heard of Doomsday predictions and a lot of negative ones. Despite all of this we heard even more positive predictions and speculations.